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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Sigh (The Sequel) by Godfather on 20 December 2004 10:38pm
I'll try and keep this short. Making small webpage. Constructed to take many different screen resolutions into account. No problem there. New problem is when i trialled them today on Internet Explorer,it looked like a bomb had hit my nicely layed out page design. Blocks of text were all over the place. Over running. Things that were supposed to be central, were 3/4 across the page.

I found out what it was. It depends on what "text size" each person is viewing a webpage at, on their browser. If i can get a general idea of what most people tend to view pages at, i may be able to find some compromise with the text and just hope for the best when they visit.

So,if you have time. Go to the top left menu "View" on your browser. Go to Text Sizes, and let me know which size you are viewing pages at by "default".

On Internet Explorer, i would hope that it would already be on "medium" (which means my page would be seen as i intended). If you're using something like Mozilla browser,it will be 100% (which means, default size). If you're viewing at something like 75%, 90%, 200%, then i'm trouble and will die.

When i clicked my page back to "medium" my pages looked exactly how i'd "envisioned" them. But i simply cannot rely on visitors having this setting.

Your help will be much appreciated.

Re: Sigh (The Sequel) by JK on 20 December 2004 10:58pm
Colour me medium Sir :o)
Re: Sigh (The Sequel) by Godfather on 21 December 2004 12:00am
May your days be filled with Joy, and your nights with eldeberries. Cheers. I've been talking to others who say that by default it's usually at Medium unless the user is aware of the ability to change this setting (tends to be people who have sight problems and who need to alter it occasionally).

I have since read of ways to force the font size to remain as intended. But i dont like forcing such things. So i reckon the easiest way is if i just take a gamble that most people are viewing at Medium. If not,they will now know why it looks like a 3 year old toddler has tried to make the page.

But keep those reports coming,so i can get an idea.
Re: Sigh (The Sequel) by KateC on 21 December 2004 12:07am
Medium for me too. Wow you really do learn something new every day, I wasn't even aware there was a 'View' tab at the top, let alone a 'Text size' option... Ooh...
Re: Sigh (The Sequel) by Louise on 21 December 2004 1:31am
Mine says largest ... but it is a very old pc so probably needs big print to see anything.

Re: Sigh (The Sequel) by Godfather on 21 December 2004 2:04am
Interesting. It's a tough one this. The easy way around this would be to become boring and play safe on the design front, and just have all text and pictures aligned to the left. But that's dull. I guess i'll just take the gamble that most people will be set at "medium" by default, and tweak it a little so that it wont look too horrific if they're not.

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