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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Accents... by KateC on 17 January 2005 2:59pm
Hmm I heard on the 'South Today' news earlier that they were worried some of our 'Southern' accents (In the UK) might become 'extinct' as it were, so they are planning to record samples of different accents.

I did a little looking on the BBC website, and found that they are indeed recording people's accents, although it says on the web page that it is to make a 'linguistic blueprint for Britain' Apparently there is going to be a TV programme about it later in the year.

Take a peek:

What kind of accents do other Palinites have? Apparently I have a 'posh' accent, and since people have told me that, I notice it more...Especially when we went to Chester (We were in a restaurant and some people from other tables were staring at us..) It was quite funny really..

Anyway just thought I would bring up the subject since I thought it sounded interesting..

Re: Accents... by Diamond on 17 January 2005 3:01pm
michael can do a good yorkshire accent but i have been told i am posh too - are we twins kate???
Re: Accents... by RaRa on 17 January 2005 3:43pm
Oh, I'm posh now, but I was born in Romford. Lord, love a duck!

Maybe the people in Chester just stare as a recreation sport, or maybe you had a bit of pork pie stuck to your eyebrow (who knows) call it fun and leave it at that.

Anyone want to record me for prosperity, what what!
Re: Accents... by Godfather on 17 January 2005 3:46pm

Plenty of strong accents where i live (Somerset). Even Bristol has it's own dialect compared to say Frome or Bath. But admittedly that's in people aged 40 upwards. Below that,it is dying out to a degree. I find the "dialect" as such may be fading (the regional twists on words). But the accents will still remain.

Personally, i have a kind of neutral accent because my parents moved my brother and i around so much in our youth due to my father's careers. We were born in Scotland and apparently i had a Scottish accent for some time. But then we moved to the Cornwall area. Then to Devon later on. Where we stayed for many years. Then to Somerset.

All through my life i've been on the move and in contact with lots of different people. My mother is Irish (so lots of contact with "Bee jesus..father") due to her relatives with a strong accent. I've been in contact with so many types that my accent never settled. Plus,we're all on the move more than say 50 years ago. People are constantly travelling between regions and outside of their accent sphere.

I find i have a talent of immitating any accent though. The full range of regional accents in the UK,i can do very well.

Re: Accents... by KateC on 17 January 2005 4:05pm
*sigh* Irish accents... What is it about them that makes them so attractive? I do, and I can't think of one of my female friends who doesn't find them attractive too! :)

Oh and i'm an Oxfordshire gal :D
Re: Accents... by thomasmbrooks30 on 17 January 2005 4:07pm
WOO! University of Leeds! GO LEEDS! LOL! Anyhoo, people always ask me where I'm from, I had no idea I had an accent at all, I just assumed I spoke standard Queen's English. I have been from Wales, Somerset and the Home Counties, but the truth is I'm just a plain southerner, currently living in Leeds. But to go back to my original point, GO LEEDS!
Re: Accents... by George on 17 January 2005 7:29pm
Oh yes, I would be very interested in buying this collection or something similar. At one time, I was a serious student of this when I was a member of a drama group. I can pick out just about every American accent. Being from Texas, I sound just like Robert Duvall. Every weekend I listen to the Everton games via the internet. In order to prepare my "ear" for this I listen to a CD of old Beatles interviews to get the emphasis right in order not to miss words. I know there must be a huge variety of accents in Britain, and I wish I knew more.
Re: Accents... by irishmanufan on 19 January 2005 10:20pm
i have a mixed irish and english one . this is because i am irish my mom is irish but my Dad is form the wonderfull city of manchester . people often ask me am i american . i did'nt realise i had an american accent but apparently i do :0)
Re: Accents... by lisacrank on 20 January 2005 12:12am
I too am from Manchester, although I dont have the accent anymore, i live in Staffordshire now so my accent has cahnged somewhat! Do like a geordie accent though..........
Re: Accents... by George on 20 January 2005 4:46am
What is a geordie accent?
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