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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Unhappy Bunny by Spursfan on 29 January 2005 6:29pm
Well, fellow Palinite chums, I am one unhappy bunny today.

I couldn't get U2 tickets!!!

I suppose I should be happy that I've at least been to their last 3 tours but....

Not only that, but the prices were way too OTT!! £65 - £85 reserved seating, £50 STANDING!! This at the City of Manchester Stadium (Man City ground).

Yesterday (the tickets were on sale from 9 a.m.) there were already tickets on Ebay for £300 each!!

Last tour, we got extra tickets and my son couldn't even flog them on the day (he's not a tout - we had some seats and then got better ones).

I need some TLC (are you listening Bono??!!).

Sob Sob.

Re: Unhappy Bunny by Diamond on 29 January 2005 8:44pm
That sounds like the same price as Neil Diamond for his tour in May/June 05 - the stadiums that he is going to ie Ipswich are that price but the fan club allocation were cheaper - isnt there a U2 fan club or ticket exchange/traders corner or the message board for the fans?? I managed to get a very good ticket for Neil for one of the concerts at earls court in london from another fan - she had doubled up in case the fan club tickets were not as good as the ones she bought - but it is good enough for me YAY

have you tried exploring those avenues anne??

Big group hug for you in case

Re: Unhappy Bunny by Godfather on 30 January 2005 12:44am

You could construct a large wooden bunny rabbit and leave it outside the venue the night before as a gift. In the morning,they shall bring it inside. During the night,you shall forthwith sneak out of the trojan bunny into the arena,and remain there under the cover of darkness to appear right before the main event begins. Of course, dont forget to get inside the wooden bunny in the first place.

Godfather - Trying to cheer you up :/

Re: Unhappy Bunny by Spursfan on 30 January 2005 12:26pm
Thank you Diamond for the tip. I know U2.com had a pre-sale of tickets but I hadn't 're-subscribed' if there is such a word!! Didn't want to pay $40 and then perhaps not get tickets anyway. Oh foolish me!!

I may bid for some on ebay - but I don't hold out much hope!

Also, thanks Gf you made me smile! But perhaps it should have been a giant lemon (U2 in-joke!!)!

Re: Unhappy Bunny by Diamond on 30 January 2005 2:55pm
crikey 40$ what about subcribing to the ticket people like ticket master?? in the future? are you sure there isnt a ticket exchange amongst fans - is there not a uk fan club?? try posting on their message board that you would like tickets and see what happens - dont give up
Re: Unhappy Bunny by Spursfan on 30 January 2005 3:06pm
Well it is THE official (UK) U2 site. I'm sure it wasn't that much (equivalent in £'s I mean) when I last subscribed.

Tried ticketmaster.

I will not give in....thanks for your concern.


Anne x
Re: Unhappy Bunny by KateC on 30 January 2005 4:17pm
Ah. Someone I know got tickets to almost all of the main U2 concerts (In big cities etc) and some of the smaller ones which he is apparently intending to sell on EBay for a handy profit. Tsk tsk some people, no consideration...
Re: Unhappy Bunny by TravelChampion on 30 January 2005 11:28pm
I just typed "U2 Ticket" into the search box at http://www.ebay.co.uk and was staggered to see there were....wait for it.... 1483 items found!!

I really am loathe to call all these people "touts" but it's getting to the stage where this type of thing has become such a cottage industry that many "real fans" are being deprived of seeing the bands/artists they like - and I personally think that's a shame!

The other thing I don't like is some of the dubious descriptions used to 'talk up' the value of the tickets on offer. A favourite one at the moment seems to be something like :
"Best Front Row Standing - just arrive early to be right down the front"?!

Er.....yeah, right?!

OK - moan over,
Bye for now,

Re: Unhappy Bunny by Spursfan on 31 January 2005 12:03pm
Thanks, Andrew.

Yeah - I'd already checked a few out just to see what they'd put! One had a map of the stadium, with an arrow putting to just in front of the stage, with 'You could be here'!

Apparently there was a gang of about 50 blokes blocking the front of the queue in Manchester - all touts presumably.

I'm sure U2 would hate to think their fans were being ripped off - I don't blame the group. It's greedy people who don't give a damn about, in this case, U2 who spoil it for fans like me who've been devoted to them for over 20 years.


Re: Unhappy Bunny by Godfather on 31 January 2005 3:44pm
Yes it's disgusting how this goes on. The only way around it, is like they're doing with tickets for the Glastonbury Festival in South West England. Due to people buying up multiple tickets and selling them on Ebay for 10 times the price, the organizers reverted to personal tickets. Name, address, and possibly photo (i'm not sure). This stop touts dead in their tracks.

I've experienced this not with ticket but with CD's. Sometimes a company will release a limited edition CD of about only 3000 copies worldwide. Some companies buy about 50 in one go, and then months after all the rest have gone they'll start listing them on Ebay for massive prices. There should be a law against it. One CD per person or something. They'll probably find ways around it. But at least something is being done.

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