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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Good website + a "What's Next" Idea... by TravelChampion on 5 October 2002 9:40pm
Just feel like adding my "thumbs up" to the new site. I have enjoyed all Michael's travel books and TV Programs and this website seems to be an ideal addition to the set. I'm especially looking forward to the new "Sahara" Series!

As for "What's next?!" - several people have suggested America. I had a thought about this just the other day!
How about a challenge to visit all 50 of the individual States. Just to make it interesting in a "Michael Palin Travel Program" sort of way, he could either........
1 - Aim to do it in 50 Days, visiting one state a day.
2 - No timeframe.....but do it without resorting to the use of an aeroplane.
3 - And the ultimate challenge, aim to use a different mode of transport in every state, i.e. Walk, run, bus, train, car, taxi, waterski, surfboard, cable car, richshaw, wheelbarrow - I'm sure you've got the picture by now?!

Re: Good website + a "What's Next" Idea... by jmcollis on 6 October 2002 2:01am
So if it's the 50 modes of transport, picking which mode for which state would be important. Picking which one to walk across for example could be interesting.
Re: Good website + a "What's Next" Idea... by ellenpc on 6 October 2002 2:22am
Arizona by 'pogo stick'? Texas on tip-toe ?Utah by 'silly walk' with a bottle of Scotch in each hand and Mississipi backwards?
Re: Good website + a "What's Next" Idea... by jmcollis on 6 October 2002 3:17am
Maybe we should give Michael "a break" as it were. Perhaps 50 wine-domains in the south of France, in 10 days?
Re: Good website + a "What's Next" Idea... by Feaster on 6 October 2002 3:43am
I would love to see him circumnavigate the Atlantic. Parts of Eastern South America & West Africa could be a real challenge!

Re: Good website + a "What's Next" Idea... by ellenpc on 7 October 2002 7:43am
Sorry everyone but it continues....

In the spirit of "Across The Andes By Frog"...

'Peckham By Gerbil'

'Bristol By Blue Tit' and

'St James by King Charles Spaniel'
Re: Good website + a "What's Next" Idea... by Dianne on 7 October 2002 8:28am
Continuing on the subject of Michael travelling the United States in 50 days; 1 day for each state.

The Grand Canyon on roller blades and Michigan on water-ski's?

Last, I heard there were 51 states. Which one did you miss out Alaska or Hawaii? How about giving Michael 2 days in Hawaii? One day to travel and the second day to rest. After 50 or 51 days of non-stop travelling taking one day to travel each state, he will need to rest!

P.S. I know the Grand Canyon is not a state, but going through it on roller blades sounded like fun. :-)

Re: Good website + a "What's Next" Idea... by raxpus on 7 October 2002 8:47pm
No, there are 50 states in the US, including both Alaska and Hawaii. :) Unless you want to count Washington DC (which is technically not a state), Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Guam, or any other territories I'm forgetting...
Re: Good website + a "What's Next" Idea... by gwdaley on 10 October 2002 10:30pm
I think a series on travel in the States, including Canada is a fine idea. The continent hasnt been covered to any great extent in any of the other series. Personally I would prefer there to be no time limit on the next series and for it to be of more ambitious scope, like Full Circle. A circumnavigation of the Atlantic would certainly make for an interesting prospect too. But I fear that the likelihood of further travels is unlikely since I seem to remember watching/reading somewhere that Mr Palin was getting a little tired of the whole thing - a thing which this website would indicate to be untrue. Anyway, Sahara is still to come at least.
Re: Good website + a "What's Next" Idea... by Dianne on 12 October 2002 10:20am
Thanks to raxpus helping me to further my education on the United States. Washington D.C must have been counted to make it 51.
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