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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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The USA by Helen on 8 February 2003 6:23pm
I read the news today, oh boy.....
Don't want to start a political discussion, just want to share some words of comfort.

I, for one, will be heading out to do something fun today.
Something equine or sushi related. Something to take my mind off of things for a little while...
Some Flying Circus will do the trick, too! A good, hearty belly laugh. Then a silly walk or two...Ra-ther!
A bit of cat confusing is in order, too!

Be well,

(lots of lovely snow out there today! )

Re: The USA by Eloise on 8 February 2003 8:07pm
Don't worry about this talk of "war" Helen. I think that's what you're refering to? The Uk is seemingly as bad with Blair...stupid g*t.
Anyhow, when I can vote, I'm going lib dem.......But, in the mean time I do what I do best, sit on the fence, fall off, paint it red to go with my scarf, and fall off again.......
Re: The USA by Kristine on 8 February 2003 11:44pm
I too have many things to say about the whole ordeal (Planing to go into war and the USA going into Code Orange.) But I don't want to cause a giant, negitive thread on this whole thing. I think Some Sushi and Flying Circus would do me good today....
Re: The USA by willow on 9 February 2003 12:49am
sigh i know what you mean. not to diplay any negativity but for once i pause to say i am from texas. (bush was our govener.) i suppose i can at least say that i didn't vote for him, i voted, but not for him. many of my friends are being sent overseas, and it makes me sad. sigh, yes some flying circus would do me good as well. i hope your days look bright, my is dreary, and wet and cold ...literally :) nasty winter.
oh well...have a good one.
love, crystal
Re: The USA by Helen on 9 February 2003 5:17am
checking back in:thanks for the kind words! the Flying Circus, sushi and a few pats on horse noses did me a world of good.
Re: The USA by raxpus on 9 February 2003 6:44am
I know what you guys mean. On top of all the impending war and terrorism nonsense, I've had a hell of a week. Last night I watched Live at the Hollywood Bowl (Michael in red lingerie!!!!) and A Fish Called Wanda (Michael in... really interesting hair!!!!). It was exactly what I needed.

Re: The USA by Miss-M on 9 February 2003 7:08am
Hello raxpus, welcome! :) I've also watched 'Hollywood Bowl' and 'Wanda' this past week. I remember when I first saw Mike in that red lingerie I was completely floored!! You tend to think of him as a sensible, conservative dresser... although I'm sure he did more for that lingerie than a lot of other guys could do! *LOL* As for his hair in 'Wanda', I have to admit that I think it looks rather nice! I wonder if he wore a wig or had his hair in curlers? *Hehehe* Ken is so cute, you just wanna hug him!

Michelle :)
Re: The USA by Rusted on 10 February 2003 4:50am
Oh Michelle...you don't know about the HAIR for Wanda, do you? Heh heh.

That's no wig, for sure - that's Michael's hair! Michael wasn't too fond of it. LOL. I'm still looking around for that quote in the 80 Days book where he mentions something about it. It was rather amusing.

Raxpus, your "Michael in...really interesting hair!" reminds me of that quote of Kevin Kline's: "...and you dress...really interesting!" ;O)

Michael in lady's lingerie..LOL.

Re: The USA by Miss-M on 10 February 2003 8:51am
LOL, thanks for filling me in about Michael's hair in Wanda, Mary! He may not have liked having his own hair curled but ohhh he's still got good hair, by any standards!

Michelle :)
Re: The USA by MrsWiggum on 10 February 2003 9:20am
Don't get me started on the whole war thing ...

On the bright side, I saw the second episode of Hemingway Adventure and the movie "A Private Function" yesterday, both by tremendous strokes of luck. Yay for Michael-y goodness! He never fails to brighten even the darkest days.

Oh, and not to get on what I have gathered is a heavily over-done topic, but I, too, fear the wrath that is Ken's hair in "Wanda." I love Michael's lovely hair, but that was a downer. Hehe.

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