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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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VERY important question by kazzzz on 10 February 2005 4:22pm
If Charles marries Camilla and she does a series in the Sahara can it be called "Camilla Queen of the Desert"?

Sorry..it's very late and I'm tired ;)
Re: VERY important question by canaveralgumby on 10 February 2005 6:31pm
May I ask all the subjects of the Empire out there a question? Please indulge me.

If Charles and Camilla were in love since they were very young and both single, why weren't they married in the first place?
Re: VERY important question by Helen on 10 February 2005 6:34pm
damn good question.
Re: VERY important question by Louise on 10 February 2005 7:08pm
Re: VERY important question by thomasmbrooks30 on 10 February 2005 7:14pm
I believe the problem lies in the fact that Mrs. Parker-Bowles was already married when she and Charles first met, and it was not seen to be the done thing that a married woman should leave her husband to be with the future king. Don't forget how much attitudes to relationships have changed in the past 30 years. It would have created much less problems if they had married back then (and would have dispensed with the rise of Diana, my opinion of whom I shall keep to myself). Good luck to them I say.
Re: VERY important question by Diamond on 10 February 2005 7:47pm
i thought that camilla was single when she met charles but he didnt have the courage to ask her to marry him before he went to sea in the navy - when he got back she was engaged to mr parker bowles!!

as camilla and charles are openly living to gether now anyway it makes sense

i for one dont understand the protocol of royalty so i cant comment further

Re: VERY important question by irishmanufan on 10 February 2005 9:19pm
i would say charles was forced to marry someone suitable to be queen . feelings did'nt come into it . i don't think camila will ever become queeen if charles ascends to the throne . i would say she will be like price phillip who is known as queen consrt she will be king consort .
Re: VERY important question by canaveralgumby on 11 February 2005 6:24am
SO! Young Charles meets the love of his life. Mummy doesn't approve, possibly due to Camilla's Catholicism. If that's what it is, then it seems that Catholicism is not such a factor in Camilla's life, as she divorces.

Anyway, Charles goes away to serve, comes back and Camilla, believing she can never have a future with Charles, goes on with her life, meets and marries another man. Perfectly alright.

Eventually, the family arranges a marriage for Charles with a young woman with whom he has nothing in common and is barely compatible.

It wrecks Diana's life. Young Lady Diana Spencer would otherwise have eventually matured enough, married someone who loved her and had 18 kids and lived happily ever after. Instead, she starves and hurts herself because she is so isolated, under so much public scrutiny, and has no help or support or love whatsoever.

It wrecks her kids' lives because the family is so dysfunctional.

It wastes DECADES of Charles' life.

And in the end, even the edicts of the Queen of England can't stop 2 people from loving each other.

It's Shakespearian. I hope QE II is satisfied with herself over all of it. IMHO there is no one else anyone should be critical of.
Re: VERY important question by kazzzz on 11 February 2005 11:01am
Well I thought my joke was funny :(.
As far as Charles and Camilla..I wish them happiness. Let them get on with it.
Re: VERY important question by Diamond on 11 February 2005 12:35pm
So linda

Prince Phillip is a queen consort and camilla is a king consort - oh well done - lyn smiles and winks

there is so much publicity about this over here - well its getting too much already and they are only just engaged - i am going to hibernate till april 9th i mean puhlease!!!
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