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  The Chatter Box : Travel
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WHATS YOUR WORST?TERRIFYING PLANE JOURNEY.. by harvey123 on 28 February 2005 11:43am
you have ever had?
Re: WHATS YOUR WORST?TERRIFYING PLANE JOURNEY.. by jim on 28 February 2005 3:24pm
I'm lucky.On the 49 flights I've been on, the worst I've had is an uneatable meal on Air2000.
Three spring to mind.

The first was a flight from London to Edinburgh. The cross winds at Edinburgh as you approach are bad enough for the nervous traveller but on this day the plane was being buffetted so badly it looked like the wings were flapping. As I gripped the armrest with sufficient force to almost force bone through skin my colleague turned to me and said "The pilot wants to get home safely tonight as well".

The second was a cheapo flight from Luton to Jersey on a horrible plane, Fokker by name and nature. We were being chucked about all over the place but at least it was amusing when the cabine crew (one person, it was a 30-odd seater) came out with the coffee. It went everywhere, it was like watching It's A Knockout.

Flying over the Nasca lines in Peru was the third. I don't like small planes. This was small. We flew over the first figure and the pilot said "right, now let's let the other side of the plane see it". We banked, dipped, and who knows what else, but forgot to take my stomach with me. This continued whilst we flew over the rest of the lines. When we landed one of my fellow travellers looked at me as I got off and said "I didn't know people could actually turn that shade of green". The tour guide came forward to present me with a "I flew over the Nasca lines" certificate, I pushed past him somewhat rudely and dashed for the loo.

Re: WHATS YOUR WORST?TERRIFYING PLANE JOURNEY.. by Wild in Africa on 15 March 2005 5:34pm
1. Nearly doing a wheels up landing in a Boeing 727 at Enugu in Nigeria; the pilot realised his error at the last minute and aborted the landing on time.
2. Getting caught in a thunderstorm coming in to land at Cotonou in Benin in a Sabena Airbus: we tried three times to land and every time got thrown around all over the place. The pilot then wisely decided to fly back out over the ocean and circle until the storm cleared. We then landed safely.
3. Flying back to Heathrow from Dubai last week on an Emirates airbus. We got into high altitude turbulence over Saudi and stayed in it for three hours until we were over Turkey. It was a three hour rollercoaster.
Re: WHATS YOUR WORST?TERRIFYING PLANE JOURNEY.. by Spursfan on 15 March 2005 8:06pm
Talking about flying back from Dubai on Emirates (best airline in the world, by the way!!) another of my slightly frightening journeys was Dubai - Birmingham on the way back from India.

Just after take off a lady in front of us but in the central seats said that she could smell smoke. Not many people heard her talking to the flight crew but, well I suppose I was being nosy!! They brought someone up (engineer?) who took everything apart around her, and found nothing.

Just had to not think about it, and hope she had a vivid imagination!!!

Luckily the rest of the flight went well.

Re: WHATS YOUR WORST?TERRIFYING PLANE JOURNEY.. by crewmeal on 22 March 2005 11:46pm
My worst experience was back in July 2004 flying PIA from Lahore to Peshawar on an F27 whose sister ship had crashed in Chitral the previous month. A storm was raging over the airfield in Peshawar but the pilot insisted on making an approach and we went through this terrific cloud burst we thought the roof would cave in. The F27 eventually bounced down the runway and came to a stop!! Never again ( I used to be cabin crew in a previous life)
Re: WHATS YOUR WORST?TERRIFYING PLANE JOURNEY.. by Ronny Young on 26 March 2005 10:33am
I used to be a bit of a wimp (i.e. I was always a little on edge when the aeroplane encounters turbulence).

The most memorable one (not terrifying at all, though), of course, was when I was in the loo and turbulence hit us. Not a pleasant experience, I grant you.
Re: WHATS YOUR WORST?TERRIFYING PLANE JOURNEY.. by Ahren on 27 March 2005 2:11pm
lol! *Um hostess, I seem to have spilt my drink* Sorry!!!!!
Re: WHATS YOUR WORST?TERRIFYING PLANE JOURNEY.. by Ronny Young on 27 March 2005 6:53pm
... didn't get all over the place, thankfully. I sort of plopped down onto the toilet seat before that sort of thing could happen. LoL.
Re: WHATS YOUR WORST?TERRIFYING PLANE JOURNEY.. by Ahren on 28 March 2005 1:33am
lol Im sorry for my disgusting mind!
*slaps hand* I shall behave in future!
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