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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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whats your worst/terrifying plane journey?? by harvey123 on 28 February 2005 11:46am
or any type of transport?
Re: whats your worst/terrifying plane journey?? by Diamond on 28 February 2005 12:04pm
All of them cos i dont travel well at all - tend to panic - thank heavens michael travels well !!! he brings the world to me so i dont have to go anywhere but would really love to BUT i did once travel in a 8 seater plane from Jersey to Guernsey once - you know the type where you carry your own luggage on board and sit behind the pilot!!! YIKES - first think i looked at was the fuel guage, when i saw it was on full i started to relax !!!

Re: whats your worst/terrifying plane journey?? by Spursfan on 28 February 2005 12:16pm
Well the one I was most afraid of BEFOREHAND was a flight we took over Everest from Kathmandu. It was going to be a smallish, prop plane and I was soooo nervous (as well as excited)! When we boarded I found it wasn't that small (maybe 12 or 14 seater) but I was still worried about the props. Spent the first few mins watching them intently to make sure they didn't stop (!) then relaxed into it.

The flight was so fantastic I'd do it again tomorrow if I could!!

Re: whats your worst/terrifying plane journey?? by harvey123 on 28 February 2005 2:11pm
likewise diamond- i dont travel well but watch mp's programmes and other travel documentarys as they bring the world to me also. My most terrifying was a 12 hour flight back from hong kong to the uk. it was free from turbulence but it was also 12 hours in which the plane could fall out of the sky and i got chronic tooth ache and had no painkillers! The next terryfying thing i done was a tandem parachute jump-in a tiny little plane the free fall was a blur but the parachute descent was amazing after my stomach had come out of my mouth. i highly recommend it.
Re: whats your worst/terrifying plane journey?? by Sky on 28 February 2005 2:57pm
I've only flown twice but the first time the plane didn't land properly. We just bumped down hard on the runway and it scared the heck outta me!

The worst journeys are being stuck in the car on a hot day. Red hot and bursting for a pee-I know we've all been there at some point! lol
Re: whats your worst/terrifying plane journey?? by kazzzz on 28 February 2005 3:43pm
Well that'd have to be when I flew through a storm over the Swiss Alps and the plane was hit by lightening...and fell quite a way...not fun at all.

Oh...seeing the stewardess coming down the aisle with aeroplane food is pretty terrifying too lol!
Re: whats your worst/terrifying plane journey?? by Katie J on 28 February 2005 4:04pm
When the pilot gets a bit over excited and comes in at an angle that is too steep...my ears go mad and I've been reduced to tears because of the pain.

I have to demand sweets to suck on and then it takes me atleast a day to release the pressure (or whatever it is from my ears...by holding my nose and blowing - serious health hazard I think, as it's v.likely that something could pop!). I love flying but this is a serious downside!

This happened when flying into Cairo and I wasn't a happy bunny!!
Re: whats your worst/terrifying plane journey?? by KateC on 28 February 2005 6:18pm
My worst trip(s) were on ferries.. one time we were going down to the car deck in the lift, and it broke down. Have you ever been in a ferry lift? They are tiny! so we were trapped in this enclosed space for about 10 minutes then the call was finally answered and it took us up to the captains deck (which you could only get to with a key) and when the door opened there was a metal door that met us, which you needed a key to open, it then took us back down to the floor we started on! We took the stairs after that...

The other time was mad - the weather was really bad, huge waves and high winds, the boat was rocking about everywhere, people throwing up (not a pretty sight) and the captain talking with a shaking voice over the intercom telling people to sit down, not to panic, and to hold on to something thats bolted down to the floor. Plates were smashing in the kitchens and the boat swayed dangerously side to side, the captain even had to detour because of bad weather at the port... Nightmare... I think some peoples cars were damaged afterwards too, fortunately ours wasn't though...
Re: whats your worst/terrifying plane journey?? by Katie J on 28 February 2005 6:27pm

You weren't on the Irish Sea by any chance?!! I crossed it age 9ish and EVERYONE on the ferry was being ill. It was horrible!! The whole thing was rolling from side to side - I went on deck with my family to try and get some fresh air and we were caught in a terrible storm! My father was practically the only person on the boat not being sick, as he stood there smugly telling us that being in the Navy had taught him how to cope with anything!! Nice!

I feel very sorry for my mother because she'll step on a boat and feel ill! On the barrier reef we took a Quicksilver boat to the coral and it was a bit chopping - she turned green along with a few other tourists!! Sooooo nasty!
Re: whats your worst/terrifying plane journey?? by Dr. Piglet on 28 February 2005 7:01pm
i've thankfully had no trouble with planes. but i was on a boat once crossing the straits of gibraltar when this huge storm suddenly came out of nowhere (as it tends to do between the pillars of hercules) - the boat was riding up and down these massive waves - it was like being on a rollercoaster. i wasn't really that concerned until i noticed water starting to seep into the bottom of the boat... when it got to about the level of my ankles i started to worry!! then to make matters worse, there was this huge, bulky man who had been drinking vodka & orange since we cast off, and he started stomping about all over the boat! the stewardess had to literally wrestle him back into his seat and tie him down for the rest of the voyage!

that was a bit hairy. oh, and riding a camel in north africa. but that's another story. :)

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