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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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This can't be healthy by Quaylemonster on 12 February 2003 5:50am
I've become incredibly addicted to this site. I check these threads about 12 times a day. My social life is starting to crumble and I don't care. Is anyone else out there suffering from similar symptoms, or do I need to seek out some sort of 12 step program?

Re: This can't be healthy by Tracy on 12 February 2003 5:52am
join the club!
Re: This can't be healthy by MissTrixiB on 12 February 2003 7:21am
Right there with you. At least we can console ourselves with the fact that it's a 'healthy' site. Good humor, travel-bugs, an ex-Python that posesses both and mutual affection for all of the above. What else more could a site offer? It is very addictive, but It's the people here that make it so. I'm happy to partake!
(if you get any good leads on a support group for this addiction, let me know)
Re: This can't be healthy by Dianne on 12 February 2003 9:27am
We are the support group Trixi. :-)
Re: This can't be healthy by risible-phyll on 12 February 2003 12:27pm
Don't fight it............
The withdrawl symtoms are by far worse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Phyll x
Re: This can't be healthy by ellenpc on 12 February 2003 12:28pm
Big Grin Di :-}

Come and unburden yourself here Tim and Trixi, but please mind my carpet, it's beige you know and marks easily.

Over there would be better, on the kitchen lino. Much better place for any unburdening. Easy to clean. One wipe and it's gone. No unsightly traces of unburdening left whatsoever.

(ellenpc recommends, 'Wonder Wipe', just $3722.46c from all good bookshops and sheet music suppliers.)

In fact, you Phyll had asked me on the 'introductions' thread, whether I'd considered a career change and take up 'Agony Aunting'??

Perhaps this is the moment to try out this new form of counselling?? Though being a spam lover, marmite afficionado and certified loony do seem rather dubious qualifications to bring to such a delicate position of guidance.

Just sit back and enjoy the ride, that's what I say. If you've found something that excites and interests you AND is legal, well "Hurrah" for that! Just remember to open and close your curtains occaisionally, so as not to alarm the neighbours! "Oh" and eat. You must eat.

If it's any consolation, I'm now arranging my daily routine around this site too..........

When can I log on??

How long can I leave the ironing undone before the family goes into total revolt???

Do I HAVE to wash??????

"I'm just coming........"

(half a day later.........)

" Look I said I'm coming, just got to read this message............."

(Two days later...........)


"Mum, can we have breakfast now??????
Re: This can't be healthy by saz_blink on 12 February 2003 2:20pm
Even though I don't SAY much, I am on here quite a bit (being a voyeur :p).
I love reading the posts in here.. quite entertaining! But sometimes there's just SOOOOO many to read through I can't be bothered and I don't end up replying!
Anyway, the point of this post was, yes, I am completely addicted too! You're not alone.
Saz xxoo
Re: This can't be healthy by rowan g on 12 February 2003 2:46pm
Im on here now and im not well.I do agree the site is very addictive as its the first thing i check when i get home,after dinner,7pm,8pm,9pm,10pm,11pm,before i go to bed,and when i wake up in the middle of the night.Oh dear i think i will retract that statement,ive forgotten to pick the kids up from school,only joking.Bye for now Andy
Re: This can't be healthy by Rusted on 12 February 2003 5:58pm
Addicting? This site addicting???


(Says Mary at 8:56 in the morning moments before she's go to her first class.)

If I had the time to be on here more, I would be - as it is I usually only check once a day (late night/early morning), maybe twice (before class). It's getting harder to keep up as more folks join. Last night I didn't have time to finish reading it all. And there's already any amazing mass of stuff to read since last night.


Errr...I mean... ;O)

~Mary (hypocrite, who posts a lot)
Re: This can't be healthy by Eloise on 12 February 2003 11:00pm
SAME! aka palinite chatting addict!
It's certainly an origional excuse not to hand in homework........but, didn't work. For some reason, they think Maths and French are more important than spam-ology and chatterboxing!
Sooooooo much work, been away for 3 days..ARRRRRRRRRR! the post fell on top of me, there was so much!
much better addiction than coffee, I might add! for one thing, it doesn't make you desparate for the loo in the middle of a lesson! Opps! let the cat out of the bag!
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