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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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MORE Palinite pics! by Helen on 17 February 2003 5:21pm
The pic of Dianne and Ellen with the Spam made my day....!
(who dresses very interestingly)
Re: MORE Palinite pics! by ellenpc on 18 February 2003 1:49pm
Hiya Helen :-}}

So glad you enjoyed our pic as we were talking about you and Mary and the political correctness/incorrectness of the spam actually being there at all!! So you were there in spirit yet again and the pic was in fact taken for all you at the IDLS!! :-}}

As you can see from the pic, I had to hold the can well away from Di as she found the object frankly distressing!!

Ellen x

Spam Lover

P.S. Worn any good wingtips lately??
I saw a cool pair the other day .... ladies ankle boot in black, wingtip with get this, 3 1/2 inch stilleto heel!!
Re: MORE Palinite pics! by Helen on 18 February 2003 2:43pm
Ellen-- I did notice you were trying to hde to can. Very thoughtful.
As for said footwear, I would surely kill my self in them. Especially with all this snow the East coast US got hit with. Zowie!!!
I don't do well in very high heels, but who does? But wingtips-- i would take my chances....
OOOPS! (crash bang clang)
peace and lots of shovelling,
Re: MORE Palinite pics! by Rusted on 18 February 2003 6:31pm
Tis very thoughtful of Ellen.

Of course, t'would have been more thoughtful if said container of Spam had not been there at all. Here's hoping Ellen doesn't have a permanent stash of Spam that she carries around with her everywhere... ;O)

*mary backs away from the stairs*

Whoops. Didn't see you falling there, Helen. You alright? The things she'll do for wingtips... 8O)

The Big Cheese
The IDLS Club®
"Follow the Gourd!"
Re: MORE Palinite pics! by ellenpc on 21 February 2003 11:57am
You poor, snowy Palinites!!

We saw the weather report on the news. Gosh, you really got a dumping!!

Please take care and keep safe @@@ xxxx
We're thinking of you........

I'll keep an eye out for 'wingtipped wellies' on ebay.......

Ellen x
Re: MORE Palinite pics! by Diamond on 24 February 2003 1:57am
purple pacamacs as well ellen!!

size 8 for wellies please!

Re: MORE Palinite pics! by ellenpc on 24 February 2003 1:23pm
All Right!! :^}

Good one Lyn, you truly are 'The Vault Keeper Extroadinaire'.

Ooo, we've got the same size feet too! :^}

Ellen x
Re: MORE Palinite pics! by peripatetically on 24 February 2003 1:30pm
Hi Ellen, our blizzard was over a week ago now and we are doing fine. A few places had roof cave-ins due to heavy snow and some things were lost. A historical train Musuem here has lost some irreplacable items. (Michael loves trains, he'd had loved this place. The premier train museum in the country.)

This weekend we had a lot of rain, but we have manged to avoid flooding here in Maryland due to the drains being covered and clogged with snow. We were lucky once again. But I'm tired of white. And we have sme more snow predicted for later this week. This is highly unusual for this region of the US. Very strange...

Thanks for your cares!

Re: MORE Palinite pics! by Dianne on 25 February 2003 6:19am
Patty!!! You have committed the unforgivable! You spelt our master's name wrong!!!

*Dianne creates a cross with her fingers to keep Patty’s evilness at bay.*
Re: MORE Palinite pics! by peripatetically on 25 February 2003 2:07pm
Dianne, I often transpose letters, especially in certain words. I have trouble, when I type quickly, with "because" " Michael",. It's something about these digits of mine that can't get it right. Now I'm feeling terrible about this and my chats will slow down considerably. Sometimes I don't see it until after I hit the send key. A gazillion apologies, but expect to see more mispellings. I'm inbred with a typing problem. But do you want to hear a good one?

I was the spelling champion of my school when I was 11!!! It's just that I've never had a typing class in my life.

Slap me with a halibut, if it will help me. I fixed the goof-up!

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