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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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My brain hurts! by purple on 1 May 2005 9:05pm
This just isn't fair!
This site is meant to be peace-loving site where we talk things freely without reprisal. Now, it seems like it's become a haven of aggressive condiment that nobody deserves.
I don't feel safe to enter the chat room alone anymore. I'm so sick of how everybody has been so wound up over such matters that have nothing to do with what this site is all about. Some of us are becoming more paranoid of trolls and flamers, which is not right. You know what I'm talking about and it's just getting out of hand!
I don't have much to post some of the time, I don't want to risk being flamed or aggravated by trolls. I want this site to return to the happy, open place it was when I first visited this site.
Where did it all go wrong? Why canít we be left in peace and just give ourselves the restraint to ignore those that we know are winding us up?
Nothing is going to come from being aggressive. It's no cheap thrill or ultimate payback. Real people -no matter how they may seem to us- come to this site because they love Michael and his shows, travel or otherwise. Those who think they can come here to harass us obviously don't understand that their presence is not wanted and should quit while their ahead.
As a person who tries her best to stay cool, ignored the latest problems and stayed quiet, I just am sick of what I'm seeing right now. I don't even post as much as others, I don't keep up with the latest news around the world or discuss much on the latest issues, as it's not my place to judge others on their opinions. As long as they love Michael, it's just more than enough. I'm sure their might be some in a similar position or long time posters who have been victims in some way.
I don't want a fight. I want peace! I want this site to be left as it was.
Now, if anybody disagrees, fine with me. What could possibly be gained from this bullying? Certainly not my vote. I just donít want to hear it anymore.
To all those who have soldiered on and tried to stay positive, please keep the spirit alive.


PS. May I also say, Iím sorry for this sudden outburst or offence caused, (itís been a very depressing couple of days for me) but I enjoy this site too much to see it destroyed.
Re: My brain hurts! by jim on 1 May 2005 9:27pm
I agree with you 100% laura. This site is in danger of being taken over by people whose sole aim is to spread misery.This is NOT a site for Politics.
I joined this site to meet people who are fans of Michael Palin and his TV shows. Hopefully after the Election next Thursday thing will return to normal.
Re: My brain hurts! by sarahs on 1 May 2005 9:36pm
I agree 100%.

It has just become so stupid recently. That is the reason I joined, to get to know other people who love Michael, and I really liked the website at the beginning. Now it's just a mess.

Some of the things that are being said as well are so silly. I guess that the people who have been here longer than others are in the "in crowd". It's just so stupid.

Another problem for me though, is not just the trolls, but the fact that a few people on this website cannot accept other people's opinions, causing further upset. I myself have been offended a few times. Just because you don't like someone else's view on something, there is no need to get so rude and aggressive. That is something I learnt as a child and I remember being told it's very important to accept other people's opinions!!!

Thanks Laura, I guess I needed to get that of my chest too.


Re: My brain hurts! by Ken Dunn on 1 May 2005 10:25pm
I agree completely too and think that while we have the rude or agressive or trollish user on the site we must do our best to identify and ignore them. The chat room and all the other posting areas are so much better if a decent conversation can be held without invasion by rude people. Different views can be be discussed without offending people and the offenders should be blocked.
Re: My brain hurts! by perfectbitch on 1 May 2005 11:20pm
Hear hear laura.
The stupid intrusion into the other chatroom this evening was awful. And I really don't know what I've done to upset irishmanufan. She came on to the site and told me to stop preaching when I cracked a joke?!! I left to watch ER and returned just now to read that, after I'd left she'd said "F**K OFF" and accused me of being a troll!!! Apparently, I "get on her nerves." Good old Morse stuck up for me though.
Re: My brain hurts! by Spursfan on 2 May 2005 10:35am
Sorry to be ignorant but what is a 'flamer', purple (my fave colour btw!!)?

I agree that the trollism on this site has grown to extreme proportions and needs to be stamped out! When going to the 'chatmark' this morning after approx 17 hours, it was absolutely full of CONSERVATIVES' repetative posts!! I hope that webbie will see this and do something about it, so that, for instance it is impossible to put repeat posts on.

On another message board I visit regularly it is impossible to post again for several minutes - perhaps this would put them off?? Having said that, if they are determined enough they'll just wait!!! Grrrr!!!

I love this site, it often feels like talking to friends with a common interest!! But I too get fed up with certain people (trolls?) putting me down for having a view which they do not agree with!! Sarah, practice what you preach dear!!!Some people on this site (JK for example) are soooooo arrogant!

Anyway, back to the trolls - as jim says, hopefully after the election certain trolls will disappear back under their rock!! But it won't solve the problem of the non-political trolls!

We need help!


Re: My brain hurts! by julwis on 2 May 2005 11:36am
I was thinking about the problem of repeating posts, and I came up with the same idea as you (Spursfan), namely to make you wait several minutes between posts. One way to prevent repeated postings by simply refreshing the screen would be to log the user out and make them log back into in order to post again. Another way might be to limit the number of postings you could make from the same IP address in a time period. Then in order for anyone on dial up to renew their IP address, theyd have to log off and log onto the internet again. Makes it difficult for those with Broadband though. Again, it stretches the attention span of most trolls and would make it too problematic for them to bother.
The drawbacks to introducing complicated policing methods online are that they complicate life for ordinary users who dont abuse the system, and give the trolls a new purpose in life, namely to crack the methods in place to control them. Such is the dilemma facing IT security experts worldwide.
Of course introducing a probation period for new users and limiting their posting potential until theyd shown themselves to be of good character might help the situation too, but that might be troublesome to implement and doesnt get around sleeper trolls.
Re: My brain hurts! by sarahs on 2 May 2005 12:26pm
excuse me Spursfan, but what do you mean by practice what you preach?
Re: My brain hurts! by intrepid on 2 May 2005 12:34pm
Well, here we go.
Re: My brain hurts! by purple on 2 May 2005 4:47pm
Spursfan, a flamer is computer-speak for someone who lurks around chat rooms or forums to deliberately attack people if they disagree with something or someone from a site. What makes them different from trolls, is that trolls do it for the sake of it all but flamers are very aggressive and sometimes assume the identities of other people's usernames. Really, there is no difference but most of them but I do feel more are aggressive than others.
Please don't start this into an arguement about over who is pestering who. Like I said, I just want some peace but I'm glad that people feel the same way. The only way this could possibly stop I suppose is if we just ignore these trolls or they'll disappear themselves.
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