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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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no reason to broadcast it, but... by intrepid on 18 May 2005 10:16am
I'm going to buy my ticket after this next class, to spend some time this evening with 200+ excited, strangers in a dark room. No big deal, really, but an event like this only comes once every 3 years or so. I wish I may, I wish I might, have a date with the dark side at midnight tonight.
Re: no reason to broadcast it, but... by ursi on 18 May 2005 11:52am
well, then may the force be with you! :)
Re: no reason to broadcast it, but... by Ahren on 18 May 2005 7:43pm
Good luck! are you going to dress up for it?!
Re: no reason to broadcast it, but... by Helen on 19 May 2005 4:48pm
did you go? what did you think of it?

Report please!!

Re: no reason to broadcast it, but... by julwis on 19 May 2005 7:24pm
Got to see it today too, though not at midnight!
I wont say too much about the story as there may well be people who havent seen it yet.
As for the film itself? I enjoyed it as much as any of the others, and really liked how it tied up the loose ends nicely. I really liked the moments in it that touched on the original trilogy (both scenes and characters), youll know them when you see them, and I thought the last third of the movie was very well done. Thats not to say the first 2/3 wasnt, but I particularly liked the last act.
One could probably write a list as long as ones arm about its "faults" but the list would be every bit as long as the same list that could be written for each of the other parts too, so any critic enlightening us with such "startling revelations" has probably been asleep for the last 30 years!
It was dark, though no darker than any of the Lord of the Rings films, and I can see it being every bit as successful. I did spot the George Lucas cameo too, though blink and youll miss him!
I had to chuckle at a couple of lines though that seemed almost intentionally inserted to egg on the prequel haters, namely Anakin asking "Whats all this nonsense about?", and Obiwan later saying "I cant watch anymore of this!" Dont worry, I no doubt will watch it again though.
On the side I have to say that the trailer for The Chronicles of Narnia did look rather good!
Revenge of the Sith by George on 19 May 2005 9:38pm
The reviews are in: "Revenge" is terrific. When is it supposed to open in Britain?
Re: no reason to broadcast it, but... by julwis on 19 May 2005 9:51pm
It opens in the UK today, though its been out in some European countries since yesterday.
Re: no reason to broadcast it, but... by Ahren on 19 May 2005 10:44pm
My friend missed a whole day of school today to watch it!! She went to the orthodontist in the morning, then her mum was going to take her to see it. I havent seen her yet, but when i do............!
Re: Darth Vader Q&A by harvey123 on 20 May 2005 9:57am
For stars wars fans heres a funny link i found .... remember to think of something really hard and he (darth vader) will guess it within 20 questions or less ... i thought of a carrot and he guessed correct ~Although that was quite easy ~ doh!
Let Darth vader mock you and click the link.. dont forget to turn up the speakers!

Re: no reason to broadcast it, but... by intrepid on 20 May 2005 10:14am
Sorry to leave people hanging- the long and short of it is that when I went to buy my tickets, the Force was not with me. The Force was washing it's hair. I finally got to see it last night.
I've never seen so many people at this particular theater- 3 screens, 2 with subtitles and 1 with dubbing. Only saw 1 person in costume, and I went there from work, so I showed up in my regular costume. The audience was rivetted and only 2 people were able to force (ha h- ok, not funny) themselves to take a bathroom break. My Jedi bladder control isn't what it used to be. I say the audience was rivetted, although I had a near brush with the dark side with a guy sitting 5 seats down from me who, for some reason, didn't realize there was a movie going on.
Very intense movie, with better performances from the players than Lucas usually musters. Ian McDiarmid out-thesbians everybody. I was a little disappointed that they recycled some of the music from the last 2 films.
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