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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Wegion One Weleased! by Helen on 25 May 2005 7:21pm
Himalaya DVD will be released in REGION 1 on July 19!

Thanks to voxpops for the info from the series chatterbox...

Re: Wegion One Weleased! by Louise on 26 May 2005 11:38pm
Helen, not the box set then?
Re: Wegion One Weleased! by voxpops on 27 May 2005 5:34am
Himalaya is the only series yet announced for release in the Region 1 marketplace. I guess they're waiting to see how this one does, so get out there and buy this one so that we can get the rest of them. I know that my VHS copies are sure in need of replacement.
Re: Wegion One Weleased! by voxpops on 27 May 2005 5:55am
While I'm at it, I'll add this:

"The surviving episodes of the 1967 sketch show AT LAST THE 1948 SHOW are due for a two-disc DVD release in America on 26th July. No word on any potential extras, but its nice to see the episodes finally surfacing on disc. Also due on the same date is a release for Series 2 of DO NOT ADJUST YOUR SET."

I cut and pasted the previous paragraph from thejohncleese.com/boards, but it is accurate according to sites like Amazon.
Re: Wegion One Weleased! by macauley on 27 May 2005 6:02am
.. so glad that when my dvd player showed signed of collapse, I purchased my multi-region version....have never looked back and can now enjoy all versions of MP and his adventures plus anything available anywhere else in the world.....and am enjoying the box set right now! and here in the US (is
California considered part of the US?) the apparent schedule for Himalaya is on the Travel Channel which is only available on cable and not heavily advertised and is difficult if not impossible to access via the local TV newspaper guide...seems to be a loss all round....where is PBS when we need it?! ..have a feeling that this series will fade into the sunset without the majority of viewers even aware that it is being broadcast...any words of wisdom out there for us US Palinites??
Re: Wegion One Weleased! by Dr. Piglet on 27 May 2005 8:09pm
i cannot understand why we are not getting the new series in canada. they keep re-running 80 days, full circle and hemingway adventure on a never-ending loop.


as well, i was astonished when i went into my local indigo bookstore to find they not only did not stock "himalaya", but it wasn't even available to order. and when i complained that it wasn't even that old and why was it unavailable, the store clerk looked at me as though i was insane. he sniffed at me and said "stock is demand-driven. obviously there is no demand."


Re: Wegion One Weleased! by voxpops on 28 May 2005 5:29am
Dr. P:
I'm in the same boat as you. I live in B.C. Fortunately, Amazon.ca has it.
Hope this helps.
Re: Wegion One Weleased! by peripatetically on 31 May 2005 12:56am
Perhaps that's the reason Michael hasn't scheduled a tour in the USA and Canada, unless he hasn't announced that yet. Even when his books are available in bookstores here, there usually aren't many and they eventually go on sale for almost nothing. However, I did pck up a copy today at Barnes and Noble. It was first due out in Oct., then, Aug, then June 17, but I have it now.

As for the Travel Channel.... we have cable in this house, but Travel isn't in the cost of basic cable, which is what we have. If that's the only place it's going to be shown, I'll not see it. I don't know anyone personally who has Travel, but I guess someone must... Regardless, Michael's agent is barking up the wrong tree. Uuuuuunleeeeeeeess....... it's a plan---- to get more people to buy the DVD sets!

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