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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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In and out of Africa by Wild in Africa on 1 June 2005 12:44pm
Hi y'all
Just back from a couple of weeks in Kenya and Sudan alive and well (though still taking the anti-malarials and hoping for no unexplained fevers).
Checking what's new in the forum and looking forward to more lively discussions!
Re: In and out of Africa by Ahren on 1 June 2005 12:56pm
Was it good? or was it just work again?
I think i would fry if i went there!!
Re: In and out of Africa by perfectbitch on 1 June 2005 1:36pm
Hope the antimalarials don't give you nightmares. The forums have been quiet of late apart from a couple of outbreaks of trollitis. Welcome Home. Linz
Re: In and out of Africa by Spursfan on 1 June 2005 3:29pm
Welcome back WIA. How did the trip go?

Re: In and out of Africa by kristinekm on 1 June 2005 4:05pm
WiA, tell us more!
I would very much like to know what it's like except for hot and sunny though :)

Re: In and out of Africa by Wild in Africa on 1 June 2005 4:23pm
Most of the trip was related to my work with an aid agency developing new programmes in the south of Sudan which has just come out of 22 years of civil war. The country is devastated and completely lacking all the amenities we so much take for granted in the rich countries.

For example, imagine having to carry your sick Mum 55km to the nearest hospital on your back, because that is the nearest health facility, there is no proper road and no form of public transport and to own a vehicle yourself is an impossible dream of the rich.

Imagine the only water supply for over 5,000 people in your community is one faulty hand pump next to a pool of fetid water in which the cows also water, and you have to queue to pump it yourself and can only get one bucket a day for all your family needs.

Imagine no one in your community has been to school, no one can read or write, and the only future for a 12 year old girl is to be third or fourth wife of an old man and to care for the goats and have children once a year for the next 10 years.

That's what it is like. Hot and sunny, yes (but also pouring with rain in the middle of the rainy season which means malaria, dysentery, mud, mosquitoes).
Whenever I go on a field mission like this it really makes my blood boil to see the poverty so many people have to live in, and the riches we take for granted. All I can say is Get Involved. Log onto Make Poverty History, buy a goat for FARM-Africa, support Bob Geldof's Live8 initiative but do something!!
Re: In and out of Africa by Ahren on 1 June 2005 5:10pm

log on and sign up! If you get three friends to do it too, it would help a lot. Heres an email i got (not personally of course!)

... I need you to do something for me.

Every 3 seconds a child dies because they happen to be born poor.

If we changed 3 things - trade, aid and debt - that scandal would
stop. And on 8th July, if the 8 men sitting round the table at the
G8 summit think enough people want them to - they can actually do
it. Stop the deaths.

But to make that happen we need you to get 3 people you know to go
to http://www.makepovertyhistory.org
javascript:ol('http://www.makepovertyhistory.org');> and click on the
button which
says 'JOIN US'. This is serious now - time is running out - we've
got 8 weeks. So please....

Do it now, email them, text them, call them, camp on their front
lawn - whatever it takes - but I need you to find 3 people who, like
you, want to stop this casual daily holocaust.

There are 56 days before the G8 leaders meet - this is our chance...
this is the moment when we can become the generation that refuses to
live in a world where 30,000 children are dying unneccessarily every
single day.

We CAN make poverty history. But we need EVERYONE to get involved.
It's time to really go to work on this. Please recruit those 3
people, right now.

If everyone who gets this message sends it on to 3 friends, half a
million people will join us this week - that's one hell of a message
to give out to our politicians.



P.S. Today Tony Blair received 300,000 white band card and email
actions already taken by people like you on behalf of the 2.5million
people now wearing the whiteband in the UK calling on him to make
poverty history, it is a great start.. but there is still a long way
to go. Click for more
Re: In and out of Africa by Wild in Africa on 1 June 2005 5:22pm
Thanks Ahren, well done and I hope others get involved too. The scandal of world poverty can be defeated but only if the people who care get off their backsides and do something about it.
Re: In and out of Africa by kristinekm on 1 June 2005 8:18pm
In Denmark, we have just held the Danish championship in collection. This time the 5 million Danes collected round 38 million dkk (Danish kroner) or 3.5 million gbp which will help orphans in Africa. This includes schools, teaching, fighting HIV/AIDS and helping them to get out of slave labour.


Re: In and out of Africa by perfectbitch on 1 June 2005 8:20pm
Thank-you for the info both WIA and Ahren. I have bought a chicken, at least I think that's what I bought but my pc was playing up. The money has gone from my account though. I also support a very small charity in Malawi called Lake Malawi Projects who support the every day life of the villages around the south of the lake. Malawi was economically dependent on an apartheid South Africa due to the policies of Hastings Banda but now they have plummeted into a great deal of poverty. The money goes mainly for seeds and tools and some villages have built their own fishing boats, some got together and share a small mill for their grains. It's very small, low key projects run by an ex VSO worker and 1 other admin very part time staff.

Thank-you for bringing this thread into the forum. They are people we might have met on our travels.
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