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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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A question for Palinites by Dianne on 24 February 2003 6:26am
Does anyone who enjoys Michael's travel programmes not like Monty Python?

I'm curious if there is such a person.
Re: A question for Palinites by eroomnala on 24 February 2003 6:32am
Maybe the opposite someone might like Monty Python but not be too keen on the travel series although if you don't like Monty Python or don't think it's very funny I don't see how you could like the travel series. Unless they only like the bits of Python that Mike is in and think the other 5 Pythons are just rubbish
Re: A question for Palinites by pandk2 on 24 February 2003 6:36am
Are you MAAAAAD?
The thing about Michael is his enthusiasm and charisma which comes across no matter what he's doing...don't forget he's had serious roles too!
He makes any situation interesting..It's just him!

I wouldn't care what he was in...I would LOVE it regardless. Perhaps he could try a horror movie?
When he was in Australia a few years ago he even had a small part in a soapie!
How versatile is that?
:) Karen
Re: A question for Palinites by Miss-M on 24 February 2003 6:45am
Hey Karen, are you/have you been in the chat room?

Michelle :)
Re: A question for Palinites by Diamond on 24 February 2003 11:38am
Yes sort of

I cant seem to get the humour of HOly Grail and my son thinks it is the best - cant understand why - loved the parrot sketch but I am one of the ILMPFCS club is there one - well there is now!!
Havent watched any of my kids MPFC videos but the travel series I have watched them all! not saying that mpfc is childish not at all it is just that they appreciate the humour and I applaud them for it - its good that the next generation are keping good things alive!

I Like Monty Python Flying CIrcus Somtimes Club - dont shoot me this is the palins travels site and I am quite safe - the site was aimed at people like me as there is already a MPFC site for fans!

dont think the other 5 pythons are rubbish just that MP is the best and I like him completely on his own - this site is for everyone like me and you wouldnt be here if you only liked mpfc and not the travel series you would be on the other web site! no offence meant by anything I said.

Unadulterated Michael- WOW - life just gets better!

Karen the small part in the soapie was featured in full circle episode 6 was he the surfer on the beach - it was fitted in for the FC series - watched it at the weekend on UK bbc tv!

Peace and Michael to all

Re: A question for Palinites by michellewinn on 24 February 2003 12:16pm
I like both monty python and michael palin and that is the end of it.

Re: A question for Palinites by saz_blink on 24 February 2003 3:07pm
I love everything he does... but I was introduced to him through a python sketch, so I suppose I am more of a python fan than anything else :)
Saz xxoo
Re: A question for Palinites by Helen on 24 February 2003 4:58pm
I love everything that he has done. All of it. Every last bit. The whole kit and kaboodle.
Followed his career since I was nine years old..
Peace and Springtime,
Re: A question for Palinites by risible-phyll on 24 February 2003 5:01pm
The complete package works for me everytime!!

Love peace and altogether now Phyll x
Re: A question for Palinites by Layla on 24 February 2003 5:02pm
no I love Monty Python, it was through that that I discovered all of Michaels other talents...
I just bought a DVD player and I'd love to get my paws on the Monty Python box set - it's only 169euro and I have hmmm 50 euro - well maybe I'll have to wait a bit. Oh the joys of being a penniless student!!
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