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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Wanda new release! by viv on 24 February 2003 7:50pm
Just to let everyone know in case it slipped your mind "A Fish called Wanda" special edition DVD was released last week. I couldn't resist so I bought it. I was just wondering if anyone else bought it and what you thought of it. If anyone else is curious as to what is on it I'll try my best to answer any questions you may have just ask!!!
Re: Wanda new release! by Anni on 24 February 2003 8:32pm
I bought it a couple of days ago. The movie was great, ofcourse, and it was nice to see so many deleted scenes.
The other extras were fun to watch too.
But I also have to complain a little; There was too much about John Cleese. I don't mean that I don't like John but it would have been nice to see other actors more, too.
Anyway, I'm glad I bought it.
Re: Wanda new release! by cameragrrrl on 25 February 2003 5:37pm
I'm afraid to ask, but what region is this? Not Region 1, I assume, because I've been waiting for a much-needed special edition Wanda DVD release in the states and I can't find the one you're talking about...:-(

What extra features does it have? I need details, baby, details! Tell me it has audio commentary by the cast -- that's what I want to hear.

Re: Wanda new release! by hendo on 25 February 2003 11:57pm
It has a commentary by the tall Python.
Re: Wanda new release! by viv on 26 February 2003 9:41pm
Yes the commentary is all John Cleese. There is trivia pop up during the film. A documentary that lasts about 50 minutes mainly about John again. It was recorded when the film was being shot so a bit of behind the scenes with the whole cast. There is also about 26 deleted scenes nothing really in terms of Michael there. A short film about where it was shot which none of the cast hosted. Photo gallery. Another documentary about the film with recent interviews. They are the main things. I was hoping for outakes I think they should 2 or 3 at the end of a documentary. Hope that gives you a better idea cameragrrrl! Oh as far as I know it is being released in the states but without the commentary.
Re: Wanda new release! by Tracy on 27 February 2003 3:08am
oooooer!!!!! *runs out to buy it*
Re: Wanda new release! by Des583 on 27 February 2003 8:30pm
Has anyone from the States or Canada bought it yet? I'm in the US and I can't find it any where :( I really want to see that extra stuff.
Re: Wanda new release! by Helen on 27 February 2003 9:10pm
I just ordered a copy from my local video store...I can't wait to get my paws on it!
Helen, from the US
Ps I checked amazon.com, and they did not have this most recent edition in stock. Just FYI.
Re: Wanda new release! by cameragrrrl on 28 February 2003 11:15pm
Helen, when you say you ordered it from your local video store, I assume you're getting the Region 2 version and that you have a multi-region player? (correct me if I'm wrong)

As far as I can tell, from MGM's website, there is no Wanda Special Edition available in Region 1/US-Canada...hopefully the Region 2 popularity and demand will dictate a US release -- so c'mon all you EU Citizens, buy those DVDs in the truckload!

Drat. I'll just have to listen to the Life of Brian and Holy Grail commentary tracks to keep me busy till my time comes.
Re: Wanda new release! by Helen on 1 March 2003 2:01am
I got a who and a what and a where now?:)
Well, my silly little video store informed me that they just ordered the special edition copies for the store, and they would add another one for me.
If it's the wrong one I will be a bit peeved. i did ask if the newest special edition was out yet-- they said yes. Unless they hav eno idea what they are doing.
I ordered the Jaws special edition DVD from them, and they ordered the video set. Strike One!
THEN when they finally ordered the right one it was CRACKED. Strike TWO!
it was supposed to be for my hubby's b-day. On Sept 28. Still haven't seen it.
I could get quite surly... but we shall see...
will update all of you who are drooling for info. I promise.
Peace and Support Your Local Video Store Even When It's Painful to do so...
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