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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
A Stratagy by perfectbitch on 19 June 2005 1:09pm
If you feel moved to reply to a troll, please start a new thread instead of adding to their threads. This will ensure that their threads drop off the list after 24 hours. I wonder if they're sad enough to reply to their own threads just so they can see their pathetic attempts at writing.
Re: A Stratagy by DorsetBadger on 19 June 2005 2:14pm
Errm - i'm a bit new to this - can you explain what a troll is as the only trolls I know are in The Hobbit?
Re: A Stratagy by peripatetically on 19 June 2005 2:45pm
They are troublemakers who insult and take on identities similar to those in good standing here. One must be careful not to assume that the bad , nasty things said, are from the person he/she is trying to impersonate. This site has always been a respected one. There was never an insult, rudeness or lies told here until the trolls intervened and created havoc. The best way to handle it is to ignore and not respond to anything rude or nasty, and ignore the silly rumors they try to spread that the website is in decline. There are many of us who have taken a break from posting here due to the revcent lowlife atmosphere. Many of us are lingering and read, but not posting much or are taking holidays or are just extremely busy with our personal lives outside the cyber world at the moment.

I welcome you to Palinstravels and hope you stay around because most of the people here are really nice , informative and lots of fun.

Be aware, there is more than one troll , or should I say, probably the same person using more than one name. They have no life of their own and want to spoil others' enjoyment.


Re: A Stratagy by DorsetBadger on 19 June 2005 9:29pm
Thanks Patty

There's no explaining some people!

Re: A Stratagy by sminobe on 20 June 2005 2:54am
Well, I think you *can* explain Trolls -- but who wants to take the time?!

In simpler terms, remember the words of that famous Poof, Oscar Wilde (nee Chapman): "The only thing worse than being talked about is *not* being talked about." I think if he'd had the Internet, Oscar would've been a Troll... 8-)

Or, in Psychobabble-speak: "Negative attention is better than no attention at all."
Re: A Stratagy by simon1287 on 21 June 2005 2:43pm
If anyone is a joke Larena, I'd say it's you.
I'm sorry to other readers for giving this "thing" attention but I have seen too many forums I have used be ruined by idiots like this and you know what, I'm completely sick of your pathetic, pointless, anti-social games.
Why don't you actualy try talking to people and if this forum doesn't interest you, find one that does and use it properly because I'm sure in the long term you would find it more fulfiling to talk to people than to do the kind of thing that only people with low self esteem and few friends do.
Actually, in a way I am sorry that your life is so sad and boring that you find this kind of thing fun.
Re: A Stratagy by beccles on 21 June 2005 3:30pm
good strategy pb, as long as everybody adheres to it!
Re: A Stratagy by bsh1878 on 21 June 2005 5:09pm
will do, they are sad and pathetic and need to read their story.
Re: A Stratagy by kristinekm on 26 June 2005 10:52pm
I just wanted to bring this thread to the top as a reminder :)
Re: A Stratagy by bsh1878 on 27 June 2005 2:00pm
i'm guilty of not practising what I preach with regards to the troll problem on here at present, have responded to a few troll posts that I shouldn't have. Will try to ignore them as it is not always easy.

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