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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Origins of username.. by risible-phyll on 25 February 2003 5:11pm
Some of us have aquired rather unusual names, some not so,,

I am prepared to share the meaning of mine ..risible-phyll...

Take one of my favourite Michael films...Life of Brian..

Add Quote from Bigus Dickus scene "DO YOU FIND THIS RISIBLE ?"

Real name Phyllis Elizabeth , Phyll as known to friends

Add RISBLE + PHYLL together add - =

Yes the ability to make one laugh True..............I loose the plot every time I see this!!!!!!!!!!

Love , peace and the sound of music
PHYll x
Re: Origins of username.. by Ann Pan on 25 February 2003 5:37pm
er..well, Ann Pan is not the most unexplainable of user names- but contrary to popularr belief, its not just cos i like words that rhyme! my friend first came up with the name when she saw a picture of me with peter pan from when i went around disney land to get strange photographs with as many characters as possible- mainly pretending to kick them in the bum- but my friend found it hilarious how i loved peter pan and my name was ann...and so was spwaned Ann Pan
Re: Origins of username.. by Officer 412-L on 25 February 2003 7:30pm
Well someone already figured out the origin of my username, but I'll explain it here anyway:

Officer 412-L comes from the movie 'Brazil'. Michael plays a character named Jack Lint in the film. Now, for those of you who haven't seen the film, it [sort of] centers around this place called the Ministry of Information. everyone who works there has a code name [ie DV-015] Jack Lint's code just happens to be Officer 412-L

Re: Origins of username.. by Katie on 25 February 2003 9:50pm
I don't use it on here anymore, but I'm bored so ...

MrsWiggum is just a name I have used since I went to college for AIM and ICQ, etc. I love the character Ralph Wiggum from The Simpsons. That was the best I could do, I guess. :)

But I'm just Katie here, now.
Re: Origins of username.. by Crutchgroovin on 25 February 2003 11:37pm
My origin is not too terribly interesting, but here goes...
In the lyrics to "Body Movin'" the Beastie Boys spout out, "We be gettin' down and you know we're crutch-groovin'." So one night, at a party, I borrow my friend's crutches and proceed to improvise what I imagine crutch-grooving would look like. It's a perfectly silly dance, but it gets a good laugh every time. To date, I've made up about 50 dances. All of them are just jokes, but they get good responses at parties.
Unoriginally yours,
Re: Origins of username.. by Dreamchild on 26 February 2003 12:00am
My user name comes from a nick name given to me about 10 years ago by a close friend he said I always had my head in th eclouds and prefered my illusions(dreams) to reality,that i must be the most true"Dreamchild" it kinda stuck not from him but from another friend who knew about it her nick name by the way was"Wildchild from the Doors song..
Re: Origins of username.. by eroomnala on 26 February 2003 1:13am
mine is pretty simple but it's not related to Mike or Monty Python in any way.
If you read it backwards it's the name of my favorite living writer Alan Moore
Re: Origins of username.. by Diamond on 26 February 2003 1:24am
As in Neil.....his music and his concerts are a very important part of my life and have been for 33 years so far!

Re: Origins of username.. by MissTrixiB on 26 February 2003 4:35am
I asked this in my intro thread, but that got too scary big.
Here we go.....
My nick-name from babyhood was 'little Missy' because I was very pouty. I changed the spelling to Missi in Jr. High to be 'cool'. I used to 'Cigarette Girl' as 'trixi' at a sassy little 50/60's style night club (the 'i' is to maintian my coolness). I put Missi and trixi together to create MissTrixi and added the 'B' for mystery (actually, it's the first initial for my last name). I sign off 'kisses' because that's the kind of thing that trixi does.
How's that for a complicated answer to a simple question? It make me feel like I've had a more interesting life ;-)
Re: Origins of username.. by raxpus on 26 February 2003 6:40am
My username is just a nonsense word. Before I was born, my father ran a random word generating program on the computer (a Commodore 64), jokingly threatening to name me whatever the computer said. It spit out "raxpus". So now whenever I need a username online, I use the one the computer gave me. :-)

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