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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Palinite Limericks by Diamond on 26 February 2003 1:55am
Well I was reading my Palins Limericks book the other day and read the authors notes and to quote

'They were fun to write but they did drive me mad. I hope they will drive you mad too. Mad enough to have a go yourselves.'

Well are we?

'I have had to abandon some limericks for obvious reasons. If you can think of what to do with:
There once was a vicar from Usk
Whose wife had an elephants tusk'

Well can we?

The limerick book is apparently in the childrens section of a library

Well we are arent we!!

Poetic Licence granted to all who enter here!!
Re: Palinite Limericks by Diamond on 26 February 2003 1:58am
There once was a Vicar from Usk
Whose wife had an elephants tusk
they went to the zoo
there was nowt they could do
So sadly they shot her at dusk!!

anyone else care to join in and then we could collate them into our own
plainites limerick book
to present to Michael at the next round of book signings! or before he goes on his next series to cheer him up on his way?!

thinking caps on folks!
dedicated to...........? by Diamond on 26 February 2003 2:01am
There was a young man, who at leisure
Would travel the world so, to measure
The time it would take
so for his own sake
Could say "Now I really have had the pleasure"!!

Palinite Limericks by Diamond on 26 February 2003 2:02am
There was a young man called Palin
Who went on a trip to go whalin'
He fell off the boat
but found he could float
His journey just wasnt plain sailin'!!
Travelling by Diamond on 26 February 2003 2:06am
There once was a clever old soul
Who journeyed down, from Pole to Pole
To the south from up North
A book then came forth
Now he'll never be on the dole.

There once was a man, Oh so bold
Philes Fogg his name I am told
He went various ways
in just eighty days
And now his own story is sold
Re: Palinite Limericks by MissTrixiB on 26 February 2003 4:58am
There once was this group on the net.
And most of them hadn't quite met.
But they all shared one joy,
'Twas this travelin' 'boy'.
Over whom they really did fret.

Badly written attempt at Limerick! by Layla on 26 February 2003 10:29am
There once was a group of young men
Who wrote sketchces every now and then
They were aired on tv
And I watched them with glee
Again and Again and Again
Re: Palinite Limericks by pandk2 on 27 February 2003 5:27am
I once has a life before Palin
Swimmin' and skiin' and sailin'
Now I only sit here
Day,week,month and year
With my sanity and eyesight a'failin'.

:) Karen
Re: Palinite Limericks by michellewinn on 27 February 2003 12:24pm
O.K. guys went to bed last night and this popped in my head, here goes.

There once was a lady called Mac
Who found it quite hard hitting the sack
She discovered palinstravel site
And squealed with delight
and now she will never look back

Re: Palinite Limericks by Francesca on 27 February 2003 1:20pm
There once was a travelin' man
Who circled the world with elan
He thought, "Wouldn't it be keen
to share what I've seen"
Much to the delight of his fans
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