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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Suggestion for Webmaster by sleepydumpling on 27 February 2003 11:50am

I'm going to be bold and make a suggestion for the site - I hope you don't mind Webmaster - I'm sure all ideas are welcome!

How about a correspondence page/area? Where people can put their contact details (an email address to start with I guess) in the hope of hooking up with people for email and snail mail correspondence? It's hard to keep up with all the zillions of threads and posts going at once - and not everyone is interested in writing to other people, so maybe a section or page for this would be a good idea?

Just thought I'd throw up a suggestion for the pot!

Re: Suggestion for Webmaster by Webmaster on 27 February 2003 1:44pm
Hi Kath,

That's a good idea, but some people may not want their details released. Perhaps the best idea would be for those people who are happy to give out their address to submit their email addresses in the "Palinites" thread, and then we can add them to the page of the same name.

Does that make sense? (If you haven't already seen the page - follow the Palinites link in the left-hand menu)...

Re: Suggestion for Webmaster by Diamond on 27 February 2003 3:19pm
thank you webbie

as this page is read by millions world wide there must be some of us who would not want personal details there for all and sundry to read

nice idea though

do people have to log on to access the palinite section which I think they ought to for security please!?

Lyn who isnt in the vaults at this moment
Re: Suggestion for Webmaster by Eloise on 27 February 2003 10:06pm
Yeah, no offence, but it took me ages to change my user-name to my real name, as I didn't want to give out "personal" details.
Will do most, now I know you're all sweet loonies! (true!), but not my home address. Hope I didn't hurt your feelings, Lyn.
Re: Suggestion for Webmaster by sleepydumpling on 28 February 2003 6:20am

I understand what you mean about personal details - gotta be careful in this day and age. I just wondered if people wanted to include an email address for contact (I always give my hotmail address for my contact rather than my real home email addy so that I can screen out any weirdos!) that it might be a good idea. You have to love free web-based emails for keeping your personal email safe and discreet.

But the idea of putting them on the Palinites profiles is a good idea.

Thanks for the feedback
Re: Suggestion for Webmaster by michellewinn on 28 February 2003 6:26am
Dear Webbie, thanks for putting my nickname, I,m a happy little vegimite.

Re: Suggestion for Webmaster by Diamond on 1 March 2003 2:38pm
Is there any chance that we could have an automatic number or code for each original thread, so that when I go to the vaults to see what isnt needed that I can write the thread number/code down to let you know it is ok to delete it - after putting it in a thread 'For Deletion' first for all to see and approve of of course!

if this could be done - try reducing the date to 1st Mar 03 to make room for it in the title thread?- it would also give us a code to write down for the chat marks only work beteween logging on and the next time, so if I wanted to go back to a week ago, having logged on and off in the meantime, the computer couldnt do it! This would only apply to the original new subjects if possible

thaks ever so webbie!

vault keeper extraordinaire!
Re: Suggestion for Webmaster by MissTrixiB on 2 March 2003 6:49am
What about a PM mail box for each Palinite? Would that be a terrific hassle or an imaginative idea (or something that's already been suggested?)

P.S. Webmaster. While you're at it,if you could please add this one to the question list for the next live chat. (from MissTrixiB, of course) "How does Mr. Palin feel about this society of people here that now refer themselves as the 'Palinites?'. I feel like SUCH a member of society now....or at least a member of A 'society'.
thanks (to ALL of the Palinites);-)
Re: Suggestion for Webmaster by Dianne on 2 March 2003 7:06am
I'm so happy to be one of the many members of the Palinites.

C'mon baby, let's do the twist, c'mon baby, let's do the twist!

Lyn - you must be very brainy about computers and message boards or I'm far newer at this than I thought, because I could not understand what you were talking about on your second paragraph. :-(

By the way Webmaster I love these chatmarks. Fabulous!!
Re: Suggestion for Webmaster by Diamond on 2 March 2003 1:07pm
neither can I now! thought I had the idea of chat marks btu i hadnt - seem to be gtetting the idea - they seem to go back ages and for all three sections of the chatterbox! wow - technology is above my head sorry

but then I just reset my chatmark as teh instructions asy you can but hey dont tell you is that you lose all the previous messges if you do as I lost everything form the last time I set it so I know not to do that again as I now dont know where I was! HELP

what do you think of the idea in the first paragraph that did make sense? Dianne?

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