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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Monty Python episode help by Valarie on 15 August 2005 7:38pm
There was an old skit that I loved in which a hospital refused to 'coddle' their injured, so they'd make all the patients go out and do calisthenics every morning, and they'd show people on crutches or wrapped head-to-toe in bandages doing jumping jacks and the like. Does anyone know what this skit was called or what episode this was from? The listings on the box set of MP episodes are nearly impossible to decipher and I'm dying to watch it.
Re: Monty Python episode help by JessPix on 15 August 2005 7:55pm
This is the 'Hospital Run By RSM' sketch from episode 26, the last episode of the second series.

Re: Monty Python episode help by Valarie on 15 August 2005 8:14pm
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Re: Monty Python episode help by pollyanna199 on 16 August 2005 2:14am
That's a great one! "Now I know in some hospitals you get patients lying around convalescing!"
Re: Monty Python episode help by Anderson on 24 August 2005 6:49pm
"If you fracture you tibia here, you keep quiet about it!!!" That is just great.... I studied physiotherapy last year and wondered if I could show the skit as a part of my presentation but I'm quite sure my teacher would have kicked me out of school....They don't understand Python humour in that school, they take everything too seriously there...which is a shame...And which is a reason I'm not there any more =)
Re: Monty Python episode help by Dr. Piglet on 26 August 2005 10:21pm
i have an odd skill-testing python question as well: i'm convinced that when i was in high school, our english teacher made us listen to a record which was "monty python's macbeth". now i've studied the listings in hojo's 280 years book, and cannot find this listed among their many vinyl albums.


Re: Monty Python episode help by JessPix on 27 August 2005 1:29am
Hmm, the only Macbeth moment I can recall is from the Holy Grail soundtrack. The sketch is called "Tim the Enchanter/Great Performances" and the Macbeth part goes as such:

Michael Palin: I was tempted to recall the --- in the role of MacBeth.

All: (Marching) Oh, is this the dagger that we see before us? The handle's towards our hands! Come! Let us touch thee! We have been......

John Cleese: The finest mass Shakespearean tragic hero I've certainly ever seen. Sir Alf?

John Cleese: Well, we're going back to join the film in the sixty second minute in the terms of the, ah, where there's been fighting and killing of the knights by the rabbit in general.

[back to the film]

All: Run away!

Hope that helps and makes sense!
Re: Monty Python episode help by tucsonmike on 27 August 2005 7:36am
I evaluated someone last night who read Mark Antony's speech from Julius Caesar (at the TV Toastmasters club). Macbeth is still my favorite and my favorite Macbeth version starred Eric Porter and Janet Suzman.


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