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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Brave Travels by edmo1960 on 13 September 2005 10:14pm
It's 3:00 a.m. Dark and quiet. The only sound is the occasional whine of a vehicle passing on a distant highway.
I must take great care not to make any noise as I slide behind the wheel of the old Toyota truck I have procured from one of the locals. If I awaken any of the natives, all hell will break loose and my life may be ended by the irate crowd who will undoubtably rush my vehicle and pull me from it.
Easy now as I swing out of town.
Whew, I have made it without arrousing suspician. I must make my way to the local "highway" as it is known. It turns out to be a two lane expressway of sorts, jam packed with all manners of individuals. There are so many cars here I am forced to a crawl as I try and make it to my destination for this day. Each car I pass or that passes me could be, and probably is by the look of them, driven by maniacs, lunatics, gunmen, assasins, and all other manners of the lower side of life that you can imagine. As i try to keep my eyes on the others here, I must not stay side by side with any vehicle or make eye contact with the drivers as this could provoke an attack.
I see flashing lights ahead. Could this be the site of an accident or maybe a check point set up by the local police, who can be your friend or your worst enemy if you are not very careful with them. It turns out to be the police and they have already
detained some unsuspecting tourist types. I am waived on by an officer who looks at me stearnly.
I can see the mountains I must cross in the distance as the sunlight starts to rise behind me. I am heading due west on this morning and must make my destination on time to insure survival for my family.
On the mountain now and the highway has opened up to four lanes. Speeding cars whizz past, weaving in and out, this way and that way at an alarming rate! It is all quite frightening. Where are the police now?
I can see the little town I must reach in the distance. The sun has illuminated the scene and now I can make out the frantic look on the faces of others like me who must brave these conditions in order to survive this dreadful place. This time I have arrived unscathed at my final destination. There are people here. Strange people who smile broadly and wave me into the parking lot like a sheep going to slaughter.
I see a friend, Danilo, and hope to survive the day.The journey I have made and the place I have arrived at is known world wide by a hideous name. It makes strong men cringe, woman weep, and invokes cursing by most that hear it.
It is known as "the commute to work". And as I clock in I try and think of how I will survive the return journey that I must make in just eight hours time.
Re: Brave Travels by tucsonmike on 14 September 2005 2:56am
And that is the travel nightmare known as California. I feel for you, Edmo. I grew up in New York City, so I understand all too well. People in Tucson make me laugh when they complain about traffic.
That's a great story and would make a great skit. Thanx for sharing.
Re: Brave Travels by edmo1960 on 7 October 2005 5:51am
Thanks tucsonmike, coming from you, as far as I can tell here, that's quite a compliment.

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