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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
he who laughs the loudest,laughs last by dr snow on 27 September 2005 5:23pm
as you the public have heard ,the p.i.r.a have given all its weapons to the iimc and have taken the gun out of politics,that i must say takes great courage especially from the worlds most pro-found geurilla army in the world,its a pity the loyalists groups dont see this as a way forward,especially as they said they were there to protect the unionist people from the ira now that they have taken the guns out of irish politics who are the loyalists groups going to defend now as the ira is,nt there now,and as big ian paisley is shaken in his boots he has mislead his 85% of unionist voters when he said the ira will never take the gun out of politics they have and he knows he will have to sit with sinn fein at stormont next year what is he going to say to the protestant people never never never,never mind big ian HE WHO LAUGHS THE LOUDIEST,LAUGHS LAST not so funny now big ian.
Re: he who laughs the loudest,laughs last by sighthound on 27 September 2005 7:43pm
It's high time to totally ignore Paisley and GET ON WITH IT!


Anglo-Irish to the core - with the Protestant side of the family refusing to admit they are half Irish and the Catholic side denying that they are half-English
Re: he who laughs the loudest,laughs last by dr snow on 27 September 2005 11:42pm
well there 2 under standings that is to understand that when you are abroad that is first when you meet people from another country,lets say england,from the moment you open your mouth they will say are you from ireland i love the irish people there so friendly a catholic person will feel very proud,a protestant person will feel also very proud and will not make any judgement to the fact he/she wants to be a british citizen because an english person will not understand this and he/she will say but you cant vote for the tories/labour partys so how could you possibly be a british citizen that was the first understanding.the second is while back from holiday he/she will be proud to be protestant and irish citizens because he/she will know understanding that not only did the person on holiday not know he/she was a british subject he/she was,nt a british citizen either in fact he/she is in contrast a very proud ulster person,which in fact is a part of the four provinces in ireland which makes he/she a very proud irish subject who doe,s not need citizen ship and to under stand this you need to be a stranger in the mist because the protestant and catholic neighbours cant find themselves.
Re: he who laughs the loudest,laughs last by dr snow on 27 September 2005 11:53pm
you are totaly right sighthound lets get on with it and get into devolution.

but you see to say that the catholic side are denying there half english well here is a quick and easy solution if you came from lets say from wales,now if you were to say to he/she you come from england they would strongly say no im welsh,so in fact they can vote for the tories or labour not the protestant community in ulster,so in fact the only ones who are denying that there irish citizens is the protestant community.
don't mean this as a rant by irishmanufan on 4 October 2005 11:34pm
as an irish person myself ( who has an english father ) i would very much doubt the ira have totally decommisioned all there arms . as well as being involoved in paramilitary violence they also run a lot of crime here in ireland . they will not walk away from that it brings them a lot of power and money . however i am glad to see they have brought about a permanent end to the dreadful acts of political violence . i hope that any differences between the 2 communities in the north can be sortd out by means other then the gun .
just remember too the problems between the 2 communities in nothern ireland have been going on for hundreds of years and will not be wipped away in a few weeks .
dr snow wheather people like it or not and are born in nothern ireland, under it's current system of governemnt they are british wheather they want to be or not . they are not irish until the 26 counties in the republic of ireland become 32 . northern ireland is currently governed by britain . they vote in british general elections and sit in the house of parliament not the dail . i hope no ones things i am ranting it is not easy to explain this without sounding a total eejit . i mean no offence to anyone .
Re: he who laughs the loudest,laughs last by perfectbitch on 5 October 2005 12:10pm
Far be it from me to comment on this very hot potato which stirs such passion, I would like to say what a beautiful, magical country all of Ireland is, how helpful and friendly it's people and how much it has contributed culturally to the world. All good wishes for peace and understanding.
Re: he who laughs the loudest,laughs last by Ginnyp on 5 October 2005 5:49pm
Dear Perfectbitch,
I've placed a tentative tourist finger at the Irish map because of its beauty but there is still a good deal of misunderstanding. Why would a Union fighting their cause want to become unemployed? surely they won't disarm because of this?
Re: he who laughs the loudest,laughs last by dr snow on 6 October 2005 2:30pm
well as for as the north being apart of ireland i still say its ireland ,its a whole ireland an island its apart of the people of this island not britain,it was taken by britain but it was,nt taken thousands of years ago, they took an island of a poor people tortured there lives ,raped there wives burnt there houses,stole there crop ,put land lords in made them pay for there own land,they were not aloud to have more than 2 horses,this was the penal laws,and just to rimind people there in 9 counties in ulster,there is no borders now,britain wants out of ireland the withdrawal is still ongoing, and sinn fein do sit in the dail and you will see that the british government want home rule to take place as soon as possible and the dup and sinn fein will go into it and did you see big ian paisley going to a catholic school he also condemed the protest at carnmoney cemetery which was a shock just watch this space

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