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  The Chatter Box : The Series
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Slagging off Sahara by roundthorn39 on 17 October 2002 3:57am
I was unfortunate to be reading a copy of a certain tabloid newspaper at work on Monday afternoon, which happened to have a review of Sahara in it.

It stated that it was dull and boring and that Michael was now becoming nice to the point of being completely nauseating.

This reviewer obviously doesn't know good viewing when he sees it, which was proved by the good reviews he gave to the likes of these purile shows being shown at prime times on a Saturday night.
Re: Slagging off Sahara by Louise on 17 October 2002 9:41pm
It seems there`s always one critic who mistakenly thinks they`re being incredibly clever and original by attacking Michael`s demeanour.

Re: Slagging off Sahara by idlebee on 17 October 2002 10:34pm
I think it's an absolute disgrace that someone is slagging off this wonderful man. He has never done anything but inform us and entertain us - I personally found Sahara very enlightening - and as I've said before, if anyone wants to pick on him they have to go through me first!!!!!!!!!


p.s - I am free to bodyguard Sir Michael Palin anytime in the near future!!
Re: Slagging off Sahara by matthew g on 18 October 2002 7:33pm
i second that. i thought it was brilliant, and that the tabloids can go and boil their bottoms!
Re: Slagging off Sahara by Palinsick on 19 October 2002 7:55pm
Yeah, they'd probably get brain damage though.

Michael rules, and shut up if you want to be nasty about him.
Re: Slagging off Sahara by bathsheba on 19 October 2002 11:19pm
Girls, girls please calm down! Michael is SAFE and well and probably shrugging off any derogatory comments about Sahara with lashings of bacon sarnies. It is a shame the afore mentioned tabloid did not appreciate the episode shown last Sunday because the BBC and Michael, of course had my eldest son and I thoroughly engrossed. Michael is such a naturally humorous and articulate man and with the added addition of such a glorious "set" (I could almost feel the wind in my face too when the desert storm began) made for sumptuous television. The Beeb as been producing quality tv for years, it didnt stop last Sunday night. As for Michael being too "nice" well he could have added "thankyou very much" at the end of each sentence, now that really is being NICE! Um thinking, should Michael be completely obnoxious in his next travel series? Cast your votes now please!

Love yas Ruthy
Happily stalking Rick all over the net lol.

oh and ........"Thankyou very much" *smiles*
Re: Slagging off Sahara by IainB on 20 October 2002 12:15am
Well...I'm a senior at Ottakars and our sales go to show that it is NOT a bad book and it is number 3 in our chart at the moment - think we have sold around 30 in our store alone which isn't bad!

So there!
Re: Slagging off Sahara by Blackmore on 20 October 2002 4:29pm
I watched the first episode with my blow-up globe at the ready tracing Michael's progress with my finger, down through Western Sahara. I would tell everyone not to pass comment just yet, as my finger only slightly moved; the journey has barely begun.
Re: Slagging off Sahara by Lindsay on 27 October 2002 4:01pm
The thing that bothers me is that I know Michael does take the criticism to heart, but he only gets upset for the people who worked on the series with him. The way he looks at criticism like that is, "Well, these people spent so much time and hard work on this series, and you can't even be bothered to review it properly." Instead, these people just choose to have a go at Michael for being a nice guy because apparently, people who are nice are 'boring'.

Yes, let's have Michael continue that lovely British stereotype that all Brits abroad are rude and belligerent, wouldn't that be so much more entertaining? Perhaps we could send him to Ibiza to get pissed and throw up on the locals like they do in those sleazy "uncovered" programmes that are shown on Sky One. I'm sure we would all love that!

Heaven forbid we should have a little educational, informative television with a pleasant and entertaining presenter. I think that tabloid journalist need to get back to programmes more his intelligence level... Temptation Island, perhaps?

Re: Slagging off Sahara by SueJL on 28 October 2002 12:08am
I TOTALLY agree with you, Sue
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