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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Research by robnights on 2 October 2005 5:11pm

I'm just wondering if anybody knows of any sites that allow people to go on research expeditions to help out, maybe get paid? I was thinking of Antarctica but I'm not specialized in any area, so that's no good...

Re: Research by edmo1960 on 2 October 2005 6:30pm
Antartica? Why?
I have no info to help you but, as for myself I would almost pay to help out excavating say, some Mayan or Inca ruins. Just to hold some ancient artifact for a few moments and wonder. How cool would that be.
Re: Research by Godfather on 2 October 2005 11:22pm
I dont know for sure, but i think Antarctic scientific vessels go out with highly trained people, specialized in what they are going there to do, and are also do all the mundane things themselves. So i doubt you'd get a job with them. Although anything is possible. Same goes Archaeology. I dont think they'd let just anyone rummage around in a Mayan site - "Look at this...must be at least...wooops...anyone got any glue?"
Re: Research by suzulu on 3 October 2005 1:17pm
Rob, there is an organisation called Earthwatch Institute which runs expeditions and conservation projects, for example, monitoring dolphins in Brazil or caring for chimpanzees. But, unfortunately, I think you have to pay your own way. Their website is www.earthwatch.org

Re: Research by perfectbitch on 3 October 2005 2:31pm
I would think that Antarctica is out of the question for anyone without a doctorate at least. Even acadenics have to pay their own way unless they are sponsored privately or from interested industries. If you are interested in archaeology, there may be small local groups that could advise you. Linz
Re: Research by robnights on 6 October 2005 6:52pm
Hi, thanks a lot. Antarctica is definately out of the questions- I think it's more a matter of just paying to go on research expeditions/conservation expeditions.

Or...does anyone know anything about organizing your own expedition? Ie. a research expedition? Are licences etc needed? what permission do you think would be required?

Re: Research by perfectbitch on 6 October 2005 7:19pm
You can canvas people and organisations for sponsorship. This requires a lot of preliminary feasibility studies and the presentation of your intentions to prospective backers. Academic credentials are likely to be favourably looked on. Otherwise, it would seem that a few years of volunteering on existing schemes would give you the experience you'd need. Licenses are needed in some environmental and archaeological areas. Start small and locally is my best advice.
Re: Research by sminobe on 7 October 2005 5:54pm
I agree with Linz -- your best bet is to find something locally & don't expect any payment. Once you've built up your 'resume' a bit, you might have better luck finding something further afield, tho' you still shouldn't expect any payment. This isn't exactly a lucrative field. Unless you have skills in working on a boat or deep sea diving -- marine archeology (especially looking for sunken ships) is a rapidly growing field.
Re: Research by tucsonmike on 8 October 2005 4:03am
Linz is right. On a more "local" level, I am using some of the volunteer stuff I do to build a resume after a downsized corporate career.
Antarctica would be tough. I know in the U.S. (MP covered this slightly in Pole to Pole) much of the stuff in Antarctica is done through the U.S. Navy and the National Science Foundation. I left a message for my parents to call. They are longtime members of NSF.
If I hear anything, I'll let you know.

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