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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Eric's "blog" by daz on 9 October 2005 11:31am
Dear all,

There has been some talk around the Python online communities in regards a certain weblog by Eric Idle at www.eric-idle.com, and located at http://www.livejournal.com/users/eric__idle/

Eric has asked that everyone be made aware that he is in no way involved in this weblog, let alone writing it. This is a hoax site, and will soon be legally removed from the internet.

Best Regards,

Re: Eric's "blog" by Helen on 9 October 2005 2:37pm
Thanks, daz.

Isn't the internet a blessing AND a curse?

legal action?

Re: Eric's "blog" by tucsonmike on 9 October 2005 7:47pm
Trust me Helen, I know what you mean. I have taught courses in Internet security to senior citizens when I worked as a librarian. I would tell them, the Internet is like Tombstone. It is literally the Wild West. There are good things and bad things and you need to steer carefully.

I'll spare you the brief history of the Internet unless asked. No, Al Gore didn't invent it...
Re: Eric's "blog" by pollyanna199 on 10 October 2005 1:23am
In the defense of the webmistress of the site, she did have a disclaimer on the site (although I did not read it) stating that it was fictional and supposed to be for fun. She removed it yesterday morning.
Re: Eric's "blog" by Clare on 11 October 2005 9:46am
I had no idea that it was all fictional! It must be spooky to find out that someone has been writing about your 'private life' when they know nothing about you so to speak. I did wonder why it wasn't through pythonline which was where the tour diary was published.
Re: Eric's "blog" by pollyanna199 on 11 October 2005 5:15pm
Clare, a lot of people were fooled, including me. I was rather dissappointed, actually.
Re: Eric's "blog" by militaryfairy on 11 October 2005 5:40pm

I laughed a little bit (ironically) at a comment she has on her forum:

''Meh never been much of a Mike fan. I think he rides Eric's boat wayyyy too much, and some of his 'fans' drive me up the wall.''

Funny that, some of Eric's fans drive me up the wall too.

And the bit about Mike 'riding Eric's boat wayyy too much' just confuses me. Any evidence to this at all?
Re: Eric's "blog" by Helen on 11 October 2005 7:45pm
she claims she had a disclaimer, well, I never saw it--but granted, I only visited the "blog" once. It seems really CREEPY to pretend to be someone else, and write a journal about them--and their FAMILY. There was stuff about his daughter and his wife...Wow. I'd be pretty pissed off if someone did that to me and my family, even if there WAS a disclaimer in big red letters.
Re: Eric's "blog" by militaryfairy on 11 October 2005 7:55pm
Well, her link from her website to the blog lead you to each actual entry, Not the front page of the blog, which is where the disclaimer was. So she kind of brought it on herself. It's very creepy.
Re: Eric's "blog" by pollyanna199 on 11 October 2005 9:37pm
I questioned why she would do it too. She said it was supposed to be funny. I don't think it's too funny to impersonate someone. I agree about the disclaimers, obviously there weren't that accessible or more people would have seen them and not thought it was real.
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