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  The Chatter Box : The Series
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Michael singing! by kiz on 1 March 2003 9:44pm
Just watched a ''Full Circle'' I taped a couple of weeks ago where Michael dressed as a sailor was singing a Russian sea shanty..something along the lines of ''Poliski poli'' ! (?). anyone know if this is song is available on any format as I can't get the damn tune out of my head and I may as well know the right lyrics!!!
Re: Michael singing! by jake_h_uk on 2 March 2003 12:38am
i liked that too. A while ago i searched on a search engine and found a midi file. It is actually spelt Polyushko-pole or Poliushko Pole (either i think, may be wrong)

...actually, the movie is on this site
Good luck on your search
Re: Michael singing! by Grimpeur on 2 March 2003 11:54am
It's Polyushka Polye (Song of the Plains). The Russian Red Army Choir have a CD on which they perform it along with many other great songs, forget what it's called though. I have a few mp3s though....
Re: Michael singing! by stephlynne on 2 March 2003 6:12pm
Wow, thanks for the info! My husband and I got obsesed with this song after seeing Full Circle. We asked a Russian friend of ours about it but since we had no idea of the spelling, she didn't recognize it. Then, when we finally got the song out of our heads, we went to see the movie "Castaway", and there it was during the opening scene! Anyway, thanks for the info. I'll have to start looking for Red Army Choir CD's. :^)
Re: Michael singing! by MattD on 7 March 2003 4:35am
I have this full length song in perfect quality in mp3 format. Im happy to send to anyone, although i hope its not going to break any copyright laws.
Drop me a line [email protected]
Re: Michael singing! by mackenzie_shortland on 7 March 2003 4:18pm
Looking on amazon.co.uk last night, I found 2 CD's (one a 2CD set) of songs sung by the Red Army Choir. Polyushko Polye is called O Fields, My Fields on these albums. Go to the search engine on amazon and type in "Red Army Choir", I'm sure you'll find it sooner or later! Looking a little further afield I found out that this is a traditional Russian Folk song originally sung by Russian Gypsies.
Re: Michael singing! by mikolaj on 29 March 2005 3:51am
Red Army Choir singing Polyushka Polye can be downloaded as a ram file from here: http://richka.com/
Re: Michael singing! by julwis on 29 March 2005 10:35am
Theres another thread somewhere on this site, entitled "Polyuska Polye" where I mentioned the link to the lyrics to this song, unfortunately the lyrics were only translated fully into German on the site the link led to. I posted the link there last summer so its not that long ago.
Re: Michael singing! by PilchardsInOil on 1 April 2005 5:38pm
The song details the retreat of the enemy army, leaving a cloud of dust, apparently. It was originally used by the White Army, but appears to have crossed sides. It's also been translated as 'Song of the Steppes' and 'Meadowlands'. I play it on my domra (sister instrument of the balalaika)!
Re: Michael singing! by Dr. Piglet on 8 April 2005 7:10pm
oh my GOD you guys!! okay - confession time. this is the only episode of anything to do with michael that has caused me to leave the room. that freaking song!!! it was driving me nuts when the russian guy was singing it, then he sang it again, then mike made him sing it into a tape recorder, then bloody hell, mike's humming it to himself as he goes to bed, then again the next morning, then the goddam entire naval fleet wants to sing it..... AAAAAAAAAAAAAGHHHHH!!!!! by the time it got to michael being dressed up and stuck on stage, i was outta there. i had to physically leave the room, i couldn't take it!!!

sorry, michael my beloved.

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