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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Origins of 'Palinite' by RichB on 2 March 2003 2:26am
I was wondering today why we call ourselves 'Palinites' as opposed to 'Palinophobes' or 'Palindromes' or something else witty? I can't remember who coined the phrase although I recall using it at the beginning, any ideas? I like it, well I say like it.. no really.
Re: Origins of 'Palinite' by Dianne on 2 March 2003 7:38am
I like Palinites better than Palinophobes or Palindromes. Easier to spell for starters. :-) Shall we see it in the dictionary in 10 or 20 years time?
Re: Origins of 'Palinite' by MissTrixiB on 2 March 2003 7:44am
Because it's 'cute'. At least, I think it is. It gives us that certain whimsical air that we all exude anyway ;-)
I DO believe that we shall some day have our place in Websters!
Re: Origins of 'Palinite' by Rusted on 2 March 2003 8:33am
I'm pretty sure the term "Palinite" was coined for other online Palin fans before this website was in existance.

My memory could be wrong, but...

In either case, I'm not sure who came up with it and why we are what we are. I like it, at any rate... LOL!

~Mary :O)
Re: Origins of 'Palinite' by Diamond on 2 March 2003 1:03pm
could it be a eulogy with reference to stalagmites and stalagtites (palini-ites!) as in both of those grow slowly and evolve to become something strong, permanenet and something to wonder at - the same could be be said of us together since the conception of this wonderful website

PS there is no eulogy, in that we are a load of drips really! do not take the comparison that way - please!!

Peace and troglodytes

Re: Origins of 'Palinite' by Diamond on 5 March 2003 8:37pm
tallking of palinites

what would a collective name for us be

my idea would be

Palinites United

as opposed to sheffield united and also because we are united in our - 'of michael we protect'!!

any other ideas??
Re: Origins of 'Palinite' by lucy on 7 March 2003 7:18pm
Well I think its an excellent term - and I'm proud to be one!
Re: Origins of 'Palinite' by Nyagtha on 8 March 2003 9:42pm
Obsessive fans of Mr. Frank Zappa are often referred to as Zappaphiles; I'm glad here we don't get called Paliniphiles. Palinte is much better.
Re: Origins of 'Palinite' by pandk2 on 9 March 2003 3:40am
You know those people who sign into the chatroom, hang around for a bit, don't say anything and then just disappear?
They're called PALINOUTS!!!!!
:) Karen

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