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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
For Patty How to Speak Baltimore by tucsonmike on 5 November 2005 6:37am
I found this as a link from Wikipedia. Don't ask me how I found it.
Re: For Patty How to Speak Baltimore by risible-phyll on 5 November 2005 11:45am
AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Mike wish you had posted this BEFORE I MET PATTY!!!!!!!

When she spoke about MURLIN... I thought she was some kind of majician!!!!....
Phyll x

Re: For Patty How to Speak Baltimore by peripatetically on 5 November 2005 1:20pm
HAHAHAHAHA. I know. Believe it or not, and I don't mean to sound superior or prudish, but I don't speak this way. The list of words I just read on that site are very extreme. Far from the truth.

There are some neighborhoods where people were brought up speaking a much milder form of Balmorese simply because their parents did. Most are located in southern and northeastern and eastern regions where schooling isn't the best, housing has a lot ot be desired and jobs are rather low-paying. Hardworking people though, just not very cultured at all. A sector of the inner-city are often poor and speak poorly, too.

To be honest, I have only heard a few people in my entire life ever speak like this. However, sometimes the news report will interview someone on the scene of an accident, crime or fire, or such, and if theya re froma neighborhood where there is a lot of misfortune, you'll hear people who pocess poor speaking and language skills. I've lived here my entire life and I'd say 90%, or more, of the local population in the metropolitan area and surrounding counties do not speak Balmorese. More often than not, we do have a "southern" accent according to northern visitors, but it doesn't sound a bit like true southern accents from the deep south. Also, fracturing the language (Balmorese) is not the same thing.

I hope I explained efficiently enough!
Re: For Patty How to Speak Baltimore by tucsonmike on 6 November 2005 4:11am
Phyll, you really are a troublemaker, LOL! Patty, I hope I didn't insult you. I just found it silly and entertaining. You could say the same thing about where I from (New York) or where Elaine is from (Boston).

It's funny, Baltimore IS South of the Mason-Dixon line and during the Civil War, it had a large population who sympathized with the Confederacy. Abraham Lincoln was on his way to Washington to become President. Lincoln had to be brought through Baltimore in the middle of the night, because the famous detective Allan Pinkerton (born in Scotland) uncovered a plot to assasinate Lincoln. Lincoln had to change trains in Baltimore and Pinkerton had him disguised.
When the Sixth Massachusetts Regiment marched throught Baltimore after Fort Sumter, the regiment was fired on and a riot broke out with civilians being killed.
My father told me about being stationed at Edgewood in ROTC in 1951. They got a weekend pass into Baltimore and they remembered not being served in restaurants, because they had a black with them.

So yes, it was a traditionally "Southern" city, but by the time I was growing up, I didn't think of it that way. I saw it as part of the general Northeast Corridor between Boston and Washington. (Some commentators now consider the corridor extended to Richmond).

There whew, mostly for Phyll, a quick and dirty piece of American history.
I have to get back to the novel.
Patty, I hope your email gets fixed soon.
Re: For Patty How to Speak Baltimore by risible-phyll on 6 November 2005 3:18pm
sorry I'm cracking up here.........

I agree a Quick and dirty piece of American history!!!! ;-)

the story or Patty I'm confused..?(only kidding)..
as Patty knows me so well!!!!!
Re: For Patty How to Speak Baltimore by kazzzz on 7 November 2005 3:02am
Ive spoken to Pats on the phone (at Phyll's house actually) and I have to say she has a gorgeous voice...Bert and I fell in love (or was it lust) instantly!
Re: For Patty How to Speak Baltimore by tucsonmike on 7 November 2005 3:16am
Phyll, you are insane. Then again, it takes one to know one. I'm the one who went hiking in Sabino Canyon and wore the shirt that says "I'm no longer a danger to society." I got funny looks and no one seems to believe me.
Re: For Patty How to Speak Baltimore by peripatetically on 14 November 2005 3:12pm
hahahaha. Oh this thread is so funny...

Mike, I'm an old burnt out civil wr enthusiast and know the hisotry relatively well. I'vetraveled all along the east coast and down throgh the deep south to see sites, museums, and re-enactments. Did you know the very first death of the war happened in that street riot when the troops changed trains? By the way, the original little train station has been restored and is now a railroad and history museum. It had fallen into disrepair and was about to be razed fr parking and industry. "Friends" worked hard and brought much attention to it;'s importance and over a period of eyars, it was saved. I marched as a confederate in a parade for the cause.

(By the way, my great great great grandfather and Robert E. Lee were first cousins.)
Re: For Patty How to Speak Baltimore by tucsonmike on 15 November 2005 1:54am
Robert E. Lee huh? One of my favorite people in American history. He was a terrific military leader and a terrific human being.
I'm glad the old railroad station was saved. That's why I consider what I do at the railroad museum here so important.
I remember staying with my friend and former boss Susi in Purcellville, Virginia. I couldn't get over the dichotomy. Hip liberal Susi Baldwin with the photos of the Confederate ancestors in uniform. (Stonewall Jackson is a distant relative for her).
Northerners tend to be less into Civil War history for a lot of reason. Patty you can probably name them.

Re: For Patty How to Speak Baltimore by George on 16 November 2005 9:07pm
I haven't stopped laughing at the Balmarese dictionary. My older in-laws sound exactly like that. Actually, they live in rural Baltimore, in eastern PA. Their favorite phrase is "Didga?" They think leaving a quarter tip in a restaurant is plenty. But what really drives me crazy is, they vote straight Democrat, but are against everything they stand for.

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