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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
topics for deletion>? by Diamond on 3 March 2003 2:14am
so far I have found several threads that I think are still relevant and have brought them to the top from page one incase anyone is wondering what the ---- is going on! no webbie is not having a funny half hour - that is me Im afraid

the only threads left on page 10 at 11.11pm on sunday march 2nd are ones that neednt be archived as they are not really relevant now or have been duplicated -

does anyone disagree/ agree - it would make room for more threads and tidy up the chatterbox.

all vote now please


Lyn who has now come up top for some fresh air!!
Re: topics for deletion>? by MissTrixiB on 3 March 2003 2:43am
It's a good thought (especially to save one of the threads that started it all...with proof that I was there with Dianne on the first day ;-) ), but some of the threads that were way back kinda just went back there on their own through time. I admire all of the work that you have done, but I think I will wait until the webmaster has a crack at the clean-up before I start voting threads off to the void.
No offense to you at all, I'd just rather wait.
Re: topics for deletion>? by Diamond on 3 March 2003 11:28am
I can understand what you say but webbie might not ask us?! and I havent asked him to do delete any yet - just checking with all of you first before any action of any kind is taken - we re lucky to have the choice as with other boards the oldest is automatically deleted as there is not room for them.

if we dont keep old ones active then the same could accidentally happen here.

peace and old threads


good to see that some of the threads brought back to the surface are being taken up again ie dinner party
Re: topics for deletion>? by pandk2 on 3 March 2003 3:01pm
Does anyone actually READ old threads?
I only go back as far as a few days...DITCH "EM I say!
:) Karen
Re: topics for deletion>? by peripatetically on 3 March 2003 4:43pm
I don't read old threads at all. I did this time , just to catch old names for the vitals list. I found 61 new names. But I have decided not to add them sicne they are not seen anymore. If they re-appear, I'll begin to add them.

Re: topics for deletion>? by Rusted on 4 March 2003 8:41am
I don't go back and re-read any old threads, but there ARE some great (read: hilarious and witty) older threads that would prolly be a blast to read if anyone has some free time. I remember a lot of great ones propping up just before Christmas.

(On the first day of Christmas... ;O))
Re: topics for deletion>? by Diamond on 5 March 2003 2:38pm
havent got any further than page one which was last oct - nov - so barring spiders will go back to the vaults when i have time and the twelve days thread will certainly not be lost!!


Archivist extraordiniare!!
Re: topics for deletion>? by Diamond on 6 June 2003 5:35pm
I still need to know whether we can eliminate several pages of threads yet - I have been though them but need someone else to check up - then we can get rid of some - if webmaster would ask us first please

One thread I dont know where its it and that is the thread with Diannes and ellens reports of meeting michael - cant remember what it was called, so could either Dianne or Ellen haev a look for me to check where it is and bring it back up just in case - thanks

any commments anyone

Re: topics for deletion>? by Diamond on 9 July 2003 8:54pm
updating this in the hope that something will be done one day!!
Re: topics for deletion>? by Dianne on 10 July 2003 8:25am
Yes, Lyn, my thoughts exactly.

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