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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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bradford police officer by Sophie-Louise on 21 November 2005 6:10pm
many of the british members of this site will have heard of the tragic death of the bradford police officer. she was shot while she attended an armed robbery at a shop in bradford, when the 999 call stated it was a domestic disturbance. therefore, the police were mislead and sent out an inexperienced officer, still in her probation period of training. it was also her youngest daughter's 4th birthday.

this story really touched me because my father and my brother are police officers and i used to be a volunteer police cadet and am still considering joining after uni myself.

i would just like to make a tribute to her and her family and they are in my prayers.

it also brings to light the argument, should police officers in the UK carry guns? i think they should. in her memory i think it would be a good debate to discuss your thoughts and opinions on this.

sophie xxx
Re: bradford police officer by Sophie-Louise on 21 November 2005 6:12pm

here is the link to the bbc's story.
Re: bradford police officer by tucsonmike on 23 November 2005 12:00am
My heart goes out to all of you. Are the number of crimes with firearms increasing in the U.K.?
Of course here the argument was to go to more powerful weapons.
How easy is it to obtain firearms in the U.K.?
Re: bradford police officer by bandgeek512 on 23 November 2005 5:24am
My prayers are sent those affected by this. So, they haven't caught the one who shot her? If I read the article correctly, I think they escaped and are still out there?
Re: bradford police officer by suzulu on 24 November 2005 6:45pm
It is very sad - she had only been a serving police officer for nine months. The police did arrest some people in London but they were released, so the police are still looking.

Mike, to answer your question - the number of crimes with firearms do seem to be increasing in the UK. There is still the debate of whether all police officers should carry guns. With the increasing gun crimes, maybe they should but there is the danger of mistakes being made as in the case of the young Brazilian who was thought to be a terrorist but was completely innocent.
Re: bradford police officer by tucsonmike on 24 November 2005 9:33pm
Thanks Sue, for the explanation. Of course I have always thought of it being next to impossible to obtain firearms in the U.K. How does one obtain firearms there?

I am asking the question for the following reason: I grew up in New York City. It is virtually impossible for a private citizen to obtain a handgun legally. As a kid, I knew where to get guns illegally. Illegal gun dealers run the guns up Interstate 95 from the Southern states. Certain Irish bars in the Bronx had customers who ran guns for the IRA and "might" sell to you. Same in Boston.
If I had been caught, under New York's Sullivan Law, it is an automatic year in jail, no questions asked.

Now I live in Arizona. I can just walk into Wal Mart and buy a gun. I can carry it in the open. Under Arizona law, I just can't conceal it. I can have the 357 Magnum next to the steering wheel. It is in my best interest if pulled over for speeding to tell the police officer I am armed, where the gun is and that I have the safety catch on.
Until recently, I could have walked into my bank with the holster strapped on. I could not wear sunglasses or my hat (to prevent disguises).
(I haven't bought any firearms yet. I am looking to see what is suitable).

This is why I am curious.
Re: bradford police officer by Sophie-Louise on 11 January 2006 2:30pm
thought i'd bring this one back to the top, as a mark of respect because it was her funeral today.
Re: bradford police officer by peripatetically on 11 January 2006 7:22pm
Sorry to hear about this. Don't get these stories all the way over the pond. It's sad when public servants can't do their jobs when they, too, are in harm's way. it happens everywhere, I'm afraid.
Re: bradford police officer by riderofthepurplesage on 11 January 2006 10:11pm
I am always astounded by those few individuals who value their own inane satisfaction over a human life. My heart goes out to the Policewomans family, and to the community dmaged by this horrible murder.
Well done Sophie for keeping it live.
Re: bradford police officer by tucsonmike on 12 January 2006 12:03am
What can I say, Sophie. Thank you for brining it back up and I am still so sorry for her family and the Bradford Police force.
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