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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
My opinions by jake_h_uk on 3 March 2003 8:38pm
Not that this has much to do with MP, but it is to do with our world. Below I have posted my opinions on development, no offense is meant by this, i am just interested to see other people's opinions. I may have made mistake, and please i dont want to add conflict or arguments to the boards. I realise the post is long, and you may not want to read it, but if you do, please post your opinions.

The Development (or mechanisation) of ‘Third World’ countries

Countries such as the UK, USA, Australia, France and other European countries are known as developed or first world countries. Next are the second world countries, or communist, of which few at present exist namely Cuba and China. Finally, the third world, or developing countries, in which countries such as Bangladesh, Egypt and India can be placed.

As I mentioned previously, the Third world countries are known as developing or less economically developed countries (LEDCs), these are divided from the more economically developed countries by the Brandt line. This line shows almost a North/South divide, with the MEDCs located in the North, and LEDCs in the South (Although Australia is an exception).

Anyway, onto my main point. The developing countries are obviously poorer than the developed and have lower GNP’s, this has in most cases led to a poorer standard of living. Many people believe that the development and greater economical funding of these countries would be a good way and would provide people with a better standard of living. After all, why should some individuals (mentioning no names) have many times the amount of money than some countries for just smiling on TV!, when people are working and dying to provide a tiny income for their families in developing countries. So, what is the answer? Well, we could give money to the governments to provide schools, libraries and other facilities on a large scale so people have an education, increasing their career prospects. We could give money so McDonalds can be installed, so food is available to all. Or, we could act on a smaller scale, and install wells in villages, provide computers to towns. I f such aid was given, it is almost certain that over time such countries could become nearly on par with developed countries.

But, is this really the answer?

There are a lot of disadvantages to such developments. Look at the UK, and some parts of America for example. In these places, people work long hours, are very stressed and rarely have family meals (I am aware this is a generalisation). Whereas, the people of a lot of developing countries value religion and family more and are maybe more hospitable. If we didn’t have Nuclear weapons, and didn’t depend on oil as much, it may be that we wont be threatening Iraq with attacks. People are stressed out when they have to go to jobs they don’t enjoy, and mobiles are frying our brains (supposedly) and we sit in front of TVs and Computers. Conflict exists because we are jealous of what others have. Often, such development and mechanisation of industries doesn’t actually help. Lots of people prefer the traditional ways, and can earn money from this. The mechanized companies put a lot of smaller individuals out of business, and the individuals are paid very little, such as the people who collect the cocoa and coffee beans and are mis-treated. Our countries and large multi-nationals for example often control these slaves and cocoa collectors.

But, in some places this development has been very successful. For example Japan has become very efficient and has strong commercial and retail power.

In conclusion, I believe that we should listen to what the people want. I believe that some sorts of developments have bad consequences (look at the crime, drugs etc in our countries). But, I have no doubt that smaller scale developments such as water wells/pumps would be an advantage.

(sorry if this was tedious)

[these are just my opinions and i am not saying what is right or wrong]
Re: My opinions by Dreamchild on 3 March 2003 9:54pm
I don't know if I agree or disagree,I do think these countries need help but to industalize is not a good idea like you said here in the US people are stressed all the time screaming at one another over little things I wouldn't wish that on these people who need our help,I think medichine and education should be a priorty when helping under developed countrys,and wells and pumps should fall natuarl in these guide lines ,I do not have a lot of knowledge of the world I am 22 and lived in a bubble here in Geogia all my life the only windows I have to the world are books and tv..But I have often wished to of been born in a simpler time,I know life was harder before the industal revelution but people seemed to of care more for one another and what was important..than they do now..they use to work there own land to feed there familys and trade for what couldn't be gown or made now we leave our homes and familys for most of the day to earn a dollar from someone else I just don't like that.About the drugs and vilense in USA I think most of the viloence is a direct link to our goverment being unwilling to see that people that are addicted to the harder drugs(coke,herion,meth) are sick and need help not to be thrown in prison but to be helped and if there is no help put themsome where they can kill them self in peace so they will not hurt anyone to get there hands on the drugs.I grew up in a bad place and saw a lot of good people with weak will fall into addiction out of there despear.
Its a war on personal freedom..There was a governor in Arizon I liked alot who wanted to decrimalize drugs..I think that will help alot..The harder ones make people crazy and the money to be made from them make people violent..
Well hope I didn't offend anyone..didn't mean to..
Re: My opinions by jake_h_uk on 4 March 2003 12:05am
thanks for your opinions

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