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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Very silly post.... Palinitis!! by emartin on 4 March 2003 8:15am
It has come to the attention of a few Palinites, no names will be mentioned here, (don't worry patty, amy and michelle, your secret is safe with me), that several of us seem to be suffering from a strange illness. After hours of consultation and examinations, it appears as though a sweeping epidemic, now known as PALINITIS, has hit our little group.
It seems to be very contagious and web-born. There is no known cure at this time and can hit anyone of all ages and gender. Those who are loony seem more succeptible, but there have been exceptions.
Symptoms include, but are not limited to:
-mass amounts of time spent online in a certain chat room or reading threads
-uncontrollable urges to quote monty python or discuss travel extensively.
-a marked increase in loonyness
-travelling several (hundred) miles to meet Mr. Palin
-marked decrease in social life, except in the case of the chat room, which will show a marked increase.
-impaired typing and spelling abilities
-uncontrollable drooling, fainting, sighing, etc. {usually found in women, but has been known to occur in men}
This is only a short list and by no means is comprehensive. If you have noticed any symptoms that could indicate you have Palinitis, please post them here. We are currently monitering the situation but it seems to have grown at a startling rate. Please remember that there are people currently living with palinitis who are still able to lead normal lives, though for how much longer we aren't sure. We know of one case that only took a day to turn into full blown palinitis. Well, enjoy your day!!!

~Erin~ silly i know, but we thought you would enjoy it!!!
by the way, I am not only the spokesperson for palinitis, i am also a carrier. it's actually quite nice!!
Re: Very silly post.... Palinitis!! by Rusted on 4 March 2003 8:55am
"Stop that, stop that, it's silly!"


~Mary (Doing a Palin?? Maybe not today, but I may have Palinitis.)
Re: Very silly post.... Palinitis!! by Dianne on 4 March 2003 10:36am
I'm seeing my doctor about this. My excess amount of time in the chat room worried others so I was tied up, thrown in a shopping trolley and wheeled off to see the doctor. Once he had me calmed down with my personally signed photo of Michael, Ellen and myself stuck in front of my face he told me there was only one solution.

I had to go on a diet!!! Cut back on the amount of time I spend on the Chatter Box, by reading books that have nothing to do with Michael. Go for long walks when I feel the urge to visit the chat room. I'm only allowed to visit the chat room once a week and then it has to be supervised. Viewing Michael Palin or Monty Python videos/DVD's or TV programmes are completely out for a month. Only small doses of Michael Palin is allowed. You see I'm a Palinholic!
Re: Very silly post.... Palinitis!! by pandk2 on 5 March 2003 12:22pm
Erin diagnosed me with a severe case earlier today, incurable apparently!
We discussed cures, didn't we Erin, but decided that we had NO wish to be cured...
I tried to go a whole day without logging on and I lasted until 11.00pm...I'm a lost cause!
Rehab anyone?
:) Karen
Re: Very silly post.... Palinitis!! by Sophie-Louise on 17 January 2006 9:00pm
lol this one is good! i just found it!
Re: Very silly post.... Palinitis!! by peripatetically on 18 January 2006 12:20am
Oh, I remember this! HAHAHAHA. You've been doing some detective work, I see, Sophie! Early 2003...

I wonder where some of our patients are these days? Well, I know Pandk2 is Kaz...
Re: Very silly post.... Palinitis!! by kazzzz on 18 January 2006 12:27am
OMG this is so old hahaha!!!
Re: Very silly post.... Palinitis!! by peripatetically on 18 January 2006 12:29am
Which must mean you are too, Kaz!
Re: Very silly post.... Palinitis!! by tucsonmike on 18 January 2006 5:42am
I tried to use it as an excuse to stay out of work, but it fell on deaf ears.
Re: Very silly post.... Palinitis!! by Maddis-whale on 19 January 2006 12:03am
aha so im not the only one...i too have been noticing these symptoms for some time. its not such a bad thing to have though, i agree with pandk2 - i have no wish to be cured.
this should be like, palinites anonymous or something.
"Hi, my name's kate and im a palinite"
(damn...now im no longer anonymous!)
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