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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Off to Mexico by Strewth on 28 December 2005 1:47pm
On a heavy dose of antibiotics. Grey-tinged water? HA! I'm invincible!
Jeezy Chreezy, I hate flying. Scares the willies out of me.
Currently 4:30 AM, plane leaves at 7. I chose to spend night watching HOUSE, M.D. because it A. keeps my mind off it, B. I love Hugh Laurie and that show.
I'm going to miss my animals. Particularly me comrade Rex, goes everywhere with me.
Re: Off to Mexico by George on 28 December 2005 6:43pm
Good luck! Where are you visiting?
Re: Off to Mexico by Ahren on 28 December 2005 7:10pm
Ooooh you lucky bastard! Good luck with the flight and the trip, I'm sure it'll be fine!
Re: Off to Mexico by tucsonmike on 28 December 2005 8:05pm
LOL! Ahren. Sounds like the chained prisoner in Life of Brian. Oh, spat in your face? What I would do to be spat in me face! You lucky, lucky bastard.
Re: Off to Mexico by Strewth on 3 January 2006 12:12am
Oi Vei.
During the flight to L.A., I was reminded of Eddie Izzard's Glorious routine on one of his flights. This was my first plane flight in quite awhile, and last time I was a wee child o' three. I had montezuma's revenge, a spiking fever of over 107, and then I had a seizure, which resulted in me having to have a spinal tap. Agh.
This time it was considerably better, even thought the stewardesses were grim, pinch-faced sows. We also had a crap load of turbulence, but the Traveling Wilburys saw me through.
We hit Mexico in good time,(well, we didn't HIT Mexico, I'm glad to say)the captain, who I'm sure was on the set for Yellowbeard, told us, "This be yer Cap'n a'speakin', welcum tae Manzeenillo (Manzanillo), it's ahughfughaa o' clock, an' tae weather be good, thankee fer usin' Ughafaaga *cough* Airlines, I hope ye harve a gud 'un."
I'm doing tip top here, because I know how to barter in spanish. And the merchants like young "rubia chica" (blonde girl) apparently. I got a silver merchant to lower his price by about 170 pesos!
I am currently typing this via iguana, of which there are many. The big cheese in the iguana department here is a ginormous orange fellow I've dubbed Harvey.
I's coming back in seis days (crap), so I'll see yous all soon. Well, I won't SEE you, I mean, I might bump into you at a supermarket, but you won't know it's ME unless I tape a big sign on my noggin' that reads "Strewth", but then you might just think I'm a looney...
I digress.
Ahem. Type to you all in a different region soon (dammit),

PS. The relatives on my pater's side who are staying with us: The sixties weren't nice to them. If I have to listen to the good values of hemp and the spiritual powers of glass blowing about THREE MORE TIMES, I'll murder.
Re: Off to Mexico by Strewth on 3 January 2006 2:27am
Looks like I'm going to have to murder.
Please do donate to "The Bail L.R. Dalby Out of Jail Fund". Thank You.
Re: Off to Mexico by Strewth on 3 January 2006 4:38am
Jesus H. Tap Dancing Christ on a crutch! I'm going to have two counts of murder and countless counts of aggravated assault before this trip's done!
Someone tell me a good joke, I'm in a dark mood. You would be too if you were in a house that smells of too much thick indian insence, hemp, and "spirit candles" that smell more like fat King Henry VIII after he burst in his coffin than "a soul cleansing experience"! I've had to listen to Enya and smooth jazz for the last week! Do you know what that's like? Well don't be curious, it's hell.
Holy Rotten Crab Apples! Aaagh!
Mike, you know some jokes, right?
Re: Off to Mexico by tucsonmike on 3 January 2006 6:18am
To prevent a murder, I will tell a joke. This was orgininally told to me by my surrogate Uncle Piotr in Krakow.

A man's horse dies. Well he goes to the local monastery to purchase a new one. He pays the brother, mounts the horse and cries, Giddyap! Nothing. The man is annoyed and snaps, what's wrong with the horse?
Young man it was raised in a monastery. It only obeys religious commands.
You say Thank God, once to make him walk, twice for a trot, three times for a gallop.
Well you could have told me that immediately! the young man snapped, Thank God, and the horse walked. Well, he upped it to a trot, then to a gallop.
Riding through the Tatras, he spotted the bridge over a gorge was out. Now he is sweating. He forgot the word for stop. He is yelling Whoa, but of course nothing is happening. Just when things are darkest, he yells AMEN!!
The horse comes to a screeching halt knocking pebbles, over the edge of the abyss.
He wipes his brow and cries OH THANK GOD!!

Strewth, if this HASN'T prevented a murder, I don't care how much they provoked you, I know nothing. Don't commit the murder in Mexico, unless you can pay off the local cops. Los Federales, if they catch you, I don't even want to think about it. BTW, if you are arrested, and they offer you a Coke, just say no!

If these 60's leftovers are so rough for you to deal with, what made you go?
Hook up with me. We'll go to Mexico, you'll have a better time.
Re: Off to Mexico by Strewth on 3 January 2006 6:09pm
Arright, here's der story.
I'm up here because A) Mi familia thought that we would have another house besides there's, so we wanted to go. Then at the last minute, we found out that that wasn't happening. But we went anyways, because I still wanted to go, because Gram's house is a big house, and we're not only doing it for us, B) but for Grams as well, because she really wanted us to come. So I thought, it won't be THAT bad, I'll just stay at the opposite side o' the villa. WRONG. I swear they have some sort of tracking device on me. I'll just out of the shower or done having a piss, and I'll open the door, AND THERE MY AUNT IS! AGH!
It's still nice aslong as your out in the ocean and they don't have a kyak. Which they do.
They are at the store right now, though, so I'm going to enjoy myself.

Well. The joke helped. It was certainly funny.

Always look on the bright side of life. I'm not going to murder, here you're guilty until proven innocent. Eeek.

Re: Off to Mexico by tucsonmike on 4 January 2006 1:37am
That's right. Mexico uses European continental law. If you are arrested you are presumed guilty until proven otherwise. This is why you make sure you buy separate Mexican insurance before you drive there. Some places are just different.
I don't drive in Mexico. That's what busses are for.
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