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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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New way of saying "politcly correct" by arty_farty on 2 January 2006 6:33pm
me and some of my friends found out that some people find the phrase politcly correct isn't P.C. so is culturaly sensitive.
now offend no-one by saying

p.s i think that p.cism is crap so i don't use dis phrase.
p.p.s tell me wot u think
Re: New way of saying "politcly correct" by Ahren on 2 January 2006 8:34pm
Yes- a very bland and safe phrase! Just how Blair would want it!
Re: New way of saying "politcly correct" by tucsonmike on 2 January 2006 8:54pm
You know if we keep this up, English wont exist. The new words will become unpolitically correct with a short half life. At this rate, PC terms will end up like dated slang.
Re: New way of saying "politcly correct" by suzulu on 2 January 2006 9:02pm
The terms do get rather silly.
Re: New way of saying "politcly correct" by lindsey on 3 January 2006 1:50am
did you know that life guards aren't allowed to say "adult swim" anymore because that phrase offends little kids? I almost got fired for that. They said I could of cost the pool company 10 gran.
Re: New way of saying "politcly correct" by perfectbitch on 3 January 2006 4:39am
I wish we could just call a spade a spade. : ) Yours un pc, Linz
Re: New way of saying "politcly correct" by pollyanna199 on 3 January 2006 5:20am
I agree with you all...however, being that I work with children with disabilities, I do not ever say "retard," "spaz," "cripple," etc. and I try to use "person centered" language-for instance "the little girl with Down syndrome" instead of "the Down syndrome girl." I do think that it is taken too far sometimes though.
Re: New way of saying "politcly correct" by tucsonmike on 3 January 2006 6:03am
Lindsey that is an American problem, thanks to trial lawyers. We don't deal with each other as people. We sue each other!
Nice, huh?
Until that ends, PC will be there in spades.
Re: New way of saying "politcly correct" by Tauriel on 3 January 2006 10:57am
Pollyanna and Mike, I agree with both of you. To be tactful and considerate and non-offensive is one thing, but this whole political correctness thing is getting out of hand. Especially in USA it's being pushed ad absurdum. *rolleyes* It's ridiculous.

We were talking about it on one other message board and someone suggested that soon one will have to stop using terms "male" and "female" and use "XY chromosome carrier" and "XX chromosome carrier". :-D And therefore lesbians will be "XX chromosome carriers with alternative life style". LOL! :-D
Re: New way of saying "politcly correct" by JF on 3 January 2006 12:46pm
Underlying most of this nonsense is the surrogate offensee.

Words or phrases are no longer used, not because people in group A say it offends them, but because other people, not members of group A, believe that it might offend people in group A.

We have moved, quite rightly, from calling everyone in group A a **** becuase they are a member of group A to not even being allowed to say that these people are in group A.

I am one of those who others think might be offended at the use of the word Christmas at Christmas time, because I belong to another, minority, religious group.

I think the surrogate offensees should be rounded up and, well, just left somewhere where they can't get out. The rest of us can get on with life.
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