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  The Chatter Box : Travel
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Suggestions for Scotland May 2006 (and beyond) by SarahC-S on 7 January 2006 8:53am
I am new here but am VERY interested in travel. The only thing holding me back? Lack of money. Well at least until I'm finished school and won't have to pay tuition anymore.

I have the good fortune to be the daughter of a man who currently lives in Scotland. I'm going to stay with him for 6-7 weeks this year (may through June) with a final week spent in France.

I have NO IDEA where to start, well besides the castles, but theres' more to Scotland and the UK than simply castles, although they are admittedly a good start...could I get some reccomendations of things to definately do, and things to definately avoid.

I look forward to posting and reading on this website, it seems to be an awesome reasource for travel.

Thanks for reading! Until we meet again, adieu
Re: Suggestions for Scotland May 2006 (and beyond) by peripatetically on 7 January 2006 6:19pm
Oh, WOW, Sarah. We just returned from Scotlqand in September this eyar and have such warm wonderful memories. Have you been to Oab, Mull and Iona? I suggest you defintely do that. Iona is where Christianity first set down it's roots in Scotland and where the Celtic cross was introduced anywhre for the very first time. It is an extremely interesting and solemn place and a trip I'll not forget. You need to take a ferry to Mull (from Oban on the west coast) and then get to the opposite side of Mull to take another ferry to iona. The journey itself is a joy. Spend the entire day. There is a chapel, abbey, cloisters, shop, museum, nunnery and also a cemetery where many ancient kings are buried, including Macbeth and Duncan. Get the story of how the Celtic cross came to be. It was not originally made to look like that and came to be by accident, not religious reasons. So, although the Irish settlers made it, it purely has Scottish roots which became popular and spread throughout the land from there.

Try Edinburgh's Trinity apse to make a brass rubbing. It's at the bottom end of the Royla Mile off of a "close" (steep narrow alleyway). It was fun, inexpenive to do and a nice souvenir tobring home.

A drive through and over the glens and moors are really thrilling. It's such a gorgeous country. We also visited the cemetery or Necropolis in Glasgow and found it to be an amazing place, built on steep hills overlooking the city. It's located behind the Cathedral, which is in itself a wonderful thing to visit and learn of it's history. If in Glasgow, be sure to visit the City Chambers as well. The interior is a sight to behold. Just over -the-top richly decorated.
Oh, so many things to see and do. We were there for two weeks and it wasn't nearly enough time.

Re: Suggestions for Scotland May 2006 (and beyond) by riderofthepurplesage on 7 January 2006 6:34pm
My favourite part of Scotland is the Argyll, You get a little bit of everything there, scenery, history, culture..... And a journey from the Argyll up through to Fort Willliam and the Great Glen is superb.

And whatever else you do, don't miss having a haggis or two!
Re: Suggestions for Scotland May 2006 (and beyond) by Holle on 7 January 2006 7:03pm
Don't miss the Highland Games where very strong men do very strange things, like throwing tree trunks and heavy iron balls. Take one of the smaller games (every village has its own) , they are more family events than made for tourists. I is quite fascinating to see older and younger folks together doing the traditional sports and dance just because they like it.
Re: Suggestions for Scotland May 2006 (and beyond) by Fernytickles on 8 January 2006 2:04am
Heavens, where to start. I did this a couple of years ago for an American couple visiting Scotland, and had as much fun researching the info as they had visiting the place!

A lot of it depends on your own interests. Museums? Art galleries? Sailing? Hillclimbing? Flying? Walking? Churches? Castles? Cities? Nature & the countryside? Theatre? The islands? Shops? Music? Horse riding? Restaurants? I could go on forever... I think the internet is a wonderful place to start, (try http://www.visitscotland.com/ the website of the Scottish Tourist Board) and if you want to email me directly (I've only just logged on to this website, so am not sure if you can do that?) giving an outline of your interests, I can make up a list of places that I think you might enjoy. Altho' I live in the USA, I am Scottish, and am more than happy to help someone discover what a fun and fascinating place the UK is.
Re: Suggestions for Scotland May 2006 (and beyond) by SarahC-S on 8 January 2006 2:51am
wow you guys are so helpful! I"ll be sure to check out that website Ferny.

I am so thrilled that the response has been so positive about visiting Scotland. I am hopeing to get a chance to visit Ireland and England as well, although i kind of already visited England in a fine arts trip I was fortunate enough to go on in my senior year at high school.

At any rate, my intersts definitely include history and ancient kingdoms, art and theatre, hiking and walking trails as well as eateries; but of course being young, I'd LOVE to find places to go clubbing and dancing and to meet people who I could return to in the future once i leave the place.

I'm leaving aprx. May 14 and leaving June 30th.
Re: Suggestions for Scotland May 2006 (and beyond) by peripatetically on 8 January 2006 12:32pm
Yes, the Argyll region IS a lovely part of Scotland, ...Purplesage. TBH, I loved the entire country, what I saw of it. Even when it was raining a few times!
Re: Suggestions for Scotland May 2006 (and beyond) by Fernytickles on 9 January 2006 2:21pm
Try the What's On magazine - there's one for each of the larger cities, and lists all the concerts, theatres, cinemas, restaurants, club happenings etc for that month. I just tried a google search, and found a what's on website, but it seemed to be having 'errors'.

The National Museums of Scotland have a great group of museums, also go to the Burrell Collection in Glasgow - a fascinating collection, also do a search on Charles Rennie Macintosh. There's no end of art galleries - Kelvingrove in Glasgow, National Art Gallery in Edinburgh, galleries of Modern Art in both cities, plus loads of others.

I think you'll find the internet your best help, it is a fantastic resource for research. You are going at a lovely time of the year, weather is as unpredictable as always, but summer is definitely arriving.
Re: Suggestions for Scotland May 2006 (and beyond) by Tauriel on 10 January 2006 2:28am
Oh, this is a great thread. I plan to go to Scotland this or next summer with my friends. We're thinking of doing it in a rather "free journeying" style, the main means of transport being hitchhiking (as it's the cheapest, so we'd save some money there), but we'd like to have a rough plan anyway. I'd like it to have a bit of everything - the castles and churches, the lakes, hiking, Celtic monuments, etc... pretty much a bit from everything. :-) And of course, visit some Holy Grail locations if possible. ;-)

So anyway, thanks for all the recommendations and tips. I'll make sure to read this thread again when we actually plan the trip. ;-)
Re: Suggestions for Scotland May 2006 (and beyond) by tucsonmike on 10 January 2006 5:32am
I want to go to Edinburgh for New Years. We were supposed to go in 1998, but had to cancel. (It was a good thing we did cancel. Our friends went and all got the flu).
Now there is a Palin meetup. New Years in Edinburgh???
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