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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Age & Profession / Palin by Illmoor1 on 11 January 2006 11:20am
So, we all agree that Michael looks (and I'm sure IS) fantastic for his age...and he says it's down to travelling. D'you know, he might actually be right?

I'm an author of children's books, based in Ramsgate on the fat-lip of Kent. Now, being a full-time author, I have a job which keeps me in doors for approx 11 months of the year (am only busy for publicity tours/visits, etc for about 1 month) and I've been looking at sample pictures of other full-time authors. They all look ancient! I mean, there are some seriously wizened old birds out there with grey hair and wrinkles that are about 49! What's wrong with the profession? Is it really a lack of fresh air that makes us old? No wonder Michael wants to keep going...I'm 27
years of age...and I've already got hair on the backs of my hands!

It's just occured to me that, by the time Michael actually LOOKS his age, I'll BE his age. Doesn't seem fair, really.

Re: Age & Profession / Palin by perfectbitch on 11 January 2006 6:04pm
I lived in Ramsgate from a baby until I was 10 and then i spent every school summer holiday there with my granparents. I lived in Nethercourt Gardens and Southwood Road and my granparents owned Blue Cliffs - 10 The Paragon. They also had a hairdressers salon in Addington Street which is now a poodle parlour (canine beautician) I believe. None of my family live there now so I haven't been there for a few years. Linz
Re: Age & Profession / Palin by Ahren on 11 January 2006 10:39pm
Hey Linz, things have probably changed loads since you lived there, what with the invention of the wheel and all!! ;)
Re: Age & Profession / Palin by Illmoor1 on 12 January 2006 12:10pm
Yes it is - a friend takes her dog to that parlour! It's horrible to see a greyhound with a side-parting, though: it really is...
Re: Age & Profession / Palin by arty_farty on 12 January 2006 1:04pm
i live on london's out skirts and am a bit of a hermit but i apparently look 17. i'm 18
tee hee and as i was born in July i'm the baby of my group of friends. but i never get IDed. intresting
i suppose it's cause i'm 5 foot summming and a little on the fat side
or it could be that i'm invisible ... well it explains alot.
Re: Age & Profession / Palin by Sophie-Louise on 12 January 2006 1:31pm
well arty, you think that's bad! people have told me i look 25! i was quite insulted being the tender age of 19!
Re: Age & Profession / Palin by Chris14 on 14 January 2006 2:58am
I'm an unemployed with an archaeology degree and I spend my months with writing, so I'm a full-time author at the moment. I'm 29(!!!!!) on the 14th of April. In Nov I went to a shop which gave free champagne to every buyer and 2 different men asked if I was over 18... Although, I don't think I look younger than 28-29 (& I don't feel myself that old...), but people usually look me younger. So who knows.

Re: Age & Profession / Palin by SarahC-S on 14 January 2006 10:08am

I'm 20 turning 21 in March (I share the same Bday with Eric Idle come to think of it), I'm worried about the age thing, to be quite honest. I'm worried I'll get old before I realise it...but by then it will have been too late to change anything.

But then more often than not, I feel like 20 isn't an accurate representation of my age, in fact, I dont' really feel like age should be a factor, I am who I am and sometimes I'm excessively immature, and other times I act so "old" it's surprising.

Anyhow, to cure those blues I'm taking French classes and Theatre classes at university, and playing a crazy little sport called Ultimate Disk (or Ultimate Frisbee)

Also I'm planning a trip for 6 weeks this coming may (until the end of June) I'm hoping that will kick start a new chapter in my life where I learn to live a little more freely and with more energy than perhaps I live now. :)

It's worth a shot.
Re: Age & Profession / Palin by kazzzz on 14 January 2006 10:16am
Soph theres no way someone could think you are 25!
Re: Age & Profession / Palin by peripatetically on 14 January 2006 3:35pm
They must have cataracts, Soph!
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