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  The Chatter Box : Travel
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Flying and Aeroplanes by SarahC-S on 14 January 2006 10:01am

Now it's very easy and fast to get to anywhere in the world via an airplane. The trouble is, I can't stand aeroplanes and I am not a big fan of flying either...Does anyone have a suggestion or two on how I can prepare myself for an 8-9 hour flight to the UK by May? I'd REALLY appreciate some tips beacuse the only thing keeping me from REALLY looking forwards to this experience is the part where I have to get on a plane to go there.
Re: Flying and Aeroplanes by JF on 14 January 2006 11:47am
I used to be exactly the same, if the truth be told I still do not relish long flights but they are a necessary evil.

Among the things I've found that help are:
1) A couple of good books - I've always found John Grisham to be excellent flight material.
2) A walkman/MP3 player of some sort. If nothing else, your favourite music might help you drift off.
3) Always watch the film. Again, and you may not be the same as me but you never know, I can usually drop off during a film of any sort.
4) Prepare for the flight; comfortable clothes are a must, as are little comfort things to keep you going. Sometimes a flight can be broken up into smaller sections. I know of parents who have done this for their kids and to tell the truth it's no bad idea for adults to do it as well.
5) Accept that you have to do it. It sounds a bit harsh but unless you want to take boats everywhere you are going to have to fly if you want to travel far and wide.
Re: Flying and Aeroplanes by sighthound on 14 January 2006 10:01pm
Sound-cancelling headsets have changed me from loathing flying to merely hating it. You can rent them at many airports. Getting rid of that incessant drone and all the alarming clanks and groans reduces my stress level enormously.

All JF's suggestions are great but also drink a lot of water as flying is dehydrating. You might also want to take some Airborne which is really good at boosting your immune system to resist all the germs you are saturated with in the recycled air in the plane.

I haven't encountered it in awhile since I have't been to anyplace exotic lately but does anyone know how you can best protect yourself from being soaked in pesticides when they spray the interior of the plane on landing. (Remembering coughs and rashes from old experiences....)

Re: Flying and Aeroplanes by tucsonmike on 15 January 2006 4:23am
On planes, I tend to read and/or work. If I have pleasant company sitting next to me, that helps.
Re: Flying and Aeroplanes by SarahC-S on 15 January 2006 10:05am
I find that drugs help...and by that I mean 2 pills of Gravol and a soft pillow are enough to make me sleep.

But then I suppose i could benefit from watching the in-flight movie. If nothing esle to distract me from what I'm actually doing...i.e. sitting in a plane.
Re: Flying and Aeroplanes by peripatetically on 15 January 2006 2:05pm
What I do is drink A LOT of water, walk around as much as possible, do crossword puzzles, watch the movie if it's good, flip through a magazine, do isometrics between the seats and the bathroom areas and chat , if anyone is receptive to that. Before I know it, I'm at my destination. SOmeitmes I might sit with my eyes closed in hopes jetlag won't be too bad upon arrival. Also, by the time meals are served and the clean-up ends, a good 45 minutes has passed too. And I'm a people watcher, so to speak. Fun trying to imagine who people are, where they are going and what their jobs might be.
Re: Flying and Aeroplanes by Sophie-Louise on 15 January 2006 3:06pm
awwww sarah i feel the same way as you!

i hope your trip goes well, you will get there and wonder what all the worry was about probably! :) i would just take some sleeping tablets or you can get drugs prescribed by a doctor that are a little stronger, they do work but they can have some nasty side effects. it's worth it if you are that frightened tho, i know i need them! do you know what it is that you are scared of? or is it just planes and flying in general?
Re: Flying and Aeroplanes by kazzzz on 30 January 2006 4:19pm
I'm not advocating drug use here but something to relax you and to sleep makes the time literally fly! (pun intended hahaha)
Re: Flying and Aeroplanes by arty_farty on 31 January 2006 11:23am
don't book a window seat.

or book a window seat and enjoy the veiw.
Re: Flying and Aeroplanes by kazzzz on 31 January 2006 12:37pm
If you book a window seat you can close the shutter and lean your pillow up against it though.
i LOVE window seats :)
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