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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Turmoil Along the US Mexico Border. by tucsonmike on 23 January 2006 2:39am
I posted this because Mr. P has crossed the border and heard it discussed.

The US/Mexico border with Arizona has been busy in the last few days. We have a citizen group called the Minutemen, who patrol the border.
I would support it as an example of citizen participation if I wasn't so wary of some of the members, who I suspect just don't like Mexicans.
They detained nine illegal immigrants just West of Tucson in the little hamlet of Three Points. They allege Mexican soldiers crossed the border into Arizona last week.
If I weren't so sceptical, I might believe it, except how do I know where the film was shot?
I'll bet Mexican AND American soldiers have crossed the border in pursuit of someone.
In Tucson, Mexico is part of our economy like it or not. Solving the border problem is not just putting up a fence. The Great Wall of China and Hadrians Wall were deterrents, not 100% foolproof. Market conditions have to change. I know I would not be happy picking lettuce. So I ask you, by making cross border travel for a Mexican Campesino easier, don't we make enforcement easier keeping the criminals and terrorists out? As long as you have the disparity of incomes we have between Mexico and here, you are going to have problems.
Mexico has a presidential election this year. This should be interesting.
Re: Turmoil Along the US Mexico Border. by arty_farty on 23 January 2006 11:12am
the Maginot Line.
need i say more ?

p.s did i spell it right?
Re: Turmoil Along the US Mexico Border. by tucsonmike on 23 January 2006 1:47pm
Maginot Line is actually a good description Arty and yes you spelled it correctly.
Re: Turmoil Along the US Mexico Border. by George on 24 January 2006 4:29am
Jeez, there's alot to say about this thread. There's a tremendous amount of anitquated poltics here, not unlike our relations with Cuba. More, after I get some rest.

Have fun, y'all.
Re: Turmoil Along the US Mexico Border. by Ellerd on 24 January 2006 11:58pm
The Minutemen were the subject of a segment on the ABC current affairs program "Foreign Correspondent" here in Australia last year. Some of them are there because they want to do what they consider right. Some of them are there because of their irrational hatred of foreigners. That's the feeling I got.

We had a boatload of Papuans - from the Indonesian province of West Papua (formerly Irian Jaya) - rock up on our doorstep the other day. They were independence activists, fleeing West Papua because they feared the Indonesian militia has a bounty on their heads. I immediately felt sorry for them - not only because they risked everything to come to this country, but because of our new treaty with Jakarta recognising Indonesia's "territorial integrity". I strongly doubt our government will take up the West Papuan cause the way they did with East Timor a few years ago.

I'm really becoming tired with governments and their myopia. Instead of building a giant wall on the Mexican border, wouldn't it be wiser to address third-world issues like poverty?
Re: Turmoil Along the US Mexico Border. by tucsonmike on 25 January 2006 1:22am
George and I will have to bounce around Cuban American relations and the future. I'll put up a separate post called Cuba.

Ellerd, no question. It is the market and Mexicans will keep coming. For many years, the border was mostly unmarked and no on paid any attention.

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