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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Tucsonmikes Court Date. by tucsonmike on 15 February 2006 10:56pm
Well it happened folks. Elaine insisted on coming with me wheelchair and all (and a good thing too as you will soon find out).

We arrived at Tucson City Court and I spoke with the Assistant District Attorney, a kindly older man who felt bad for me. It was dropped to a Class One Misdemeanor. I could have postponed a trial date and tried to have an intermediary contact the nurse and get her to drop the charges. No, we decided to get it over with. The Asst D.A. was willing to suggest a $250 fine and a year unsupervised probation. I can have this whole thing removed as long as I don't get into further trouble.

The Asst. D.A. liked me better than Judge Bernal did. The fact that I had never been in trouble cut no ice. If Elaine had not come with me, she would be writing you guys. I would have been put in cuffs and sent back to jail pending trial. (I could have received up to six months in jail). Luckily, it's a misdemeanor, so I can still have my passport and it doesn't go on a permanent record. She asked me to tell her what happened. I did. I said, "your honor, I'm embarrassed I hit a woman." She sternly cut me off and said, "you cannot hit anyone." If you do this again, who will take care of your wife?

The judge senteneced me instead to 25 hours of counseling, to be done by May 15th. The fine was waived. Oh folks, in Judge Bernals' eyes I am a hard tough meanie, who just hasn't been caught before. As my boss said, "you drew the short straw for a judge." I am making it clear, this isn't happening again.

I got a new cowboy hat and tonight I am headed to the Tucson/Almaatay sister city meeting.

Thank you for your support.
Re: Tucsonmikes Court Date. by Sophie-Louise on 15 February 2006 11:27pm
that's really good news mike! tbh i look at it like this: if that nurse had done her job properly and not hurt elaine further, you wouldn't have lost your temper. didn't you say she picked her up awkwardly or something???

i'ts great news that you only got what you did, i'm very happy for you!
Re: Tucsonmikes Court Date. by Diamond on 15 February 2006 11:43pm
dont know the whole story of this mike but i send you my best wishes - you are very brave and honest to tell us all about it
Re: Tucsonmikes Court Date. by tucsonmike on 16 February 2006 12:37am
Thanks Sophie. Diamond, I've told people here we are like a family. Of course I am going to tell you. I am glad I can move on, though there should be some more adventures from this. I've said I am willing to join a local peace group, etc.
Re: Tucsonmikes Court Date. by suzulu on 16 February 2006 12:37am
Good news, Mike! What a relief for you both! Enjoy your new cowboy hat! Hope Elaine's knee gets better soon. Sue
Re: Tucsonmikes Court Date. by sighthound on 16 February 2006 1:51am
How is Elaine? How much longer will she be in the wheelchair?

And BTW I'm eagerly waiting that book you're going to write about all this. I can see you on the talk shows already. 'Twill be a lesson for us all....

Re: Tucsonmikes Court Date. by peripatetically on 16 February 2006 1:57am
Thank Goodness, Mike. I'm very happy about the outcome. Whew!

Re: Tucsonmikes Court Date. by tucsonmike on 16 February 2006 2:02am
Well Elaine goes to physical therapy for the first time next Monday. No telling how much long she will be in the wheelchair. The Tucson Romance Writers Chapter is teasing about entering her in wheelchair races LOL!

I've started on material for the book.
Re: Tucsonmikes Court Date. by canaveralgumby on 16 February 2006 3:41am
I am very relieved, tuscon! Geez, and a female judge, too. You have no community service?

I have definitely had over 25 hrs. of "counseling" per year, and no one has mandated me to do it! No sweat.
Re: Tucsonmikes Court Date. by tucsonmike on 16 February 2006 5:45am
LOL! Cori. No, amazingly enough, no community service.
I ended up not making the Sister City Meeting. It was earlier than I thought. A good thing I did make my Toastmasters meeting. Our problem member and my Educational Vice President had a blow up. We have a member who was a District Governor back in Indiana before she moved here. She was asked to mediate. It is going up the chain of command in the District so it is out of my hands. It was an interesting night in Conquistador Toastmasters. I heard Liz and Jim shouting at each other. Liz's big fear was I would come in like the cavalry and y'all can fill in the blanks. Even though I am club President, I am relieved I don't have to deal with the fallout.
Have I told you we have a full moon?
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