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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Familiar Face by Nyagtha on 6 March 2003 10:39pm
I am sure people have probably noticed this before me, but I was just wondering if other people had recognised Graham Han...., the man Michael meets in Ethiopia in Pole to Pole?
I am sure I had a point to raise about this, but I have forgotten it now; other than to say I used to watch Graham's programmes on Sky and was wondering if anyone else had recognised him? Anyway.
Re: Familiar Face by RichB on 7 March 2003 5:27pm
You're right David, it's Graham Han.... who now profers a theory about the Pyramids in Giza, Ethiopia, Mexico etc. were built to resemble the star constellations, very interesting.
Re: Familiar Face by Rusted on 9 March 2003 6:07am
Who is Graham Han? (I mean, outside of his P2P connection, which I know, LOL.)

I'm assuming his programmes are something that we can't get over in the US, so just curious - I always seem to miss these connections!

Re: Familiar Face by Nyagtha on 9 March 2003 1:10pm
Graham Han.... has written lots of books and did a couple of series which have been on the discovery channel all of which are about a search for a Lost Civilisation. A very rough assessment of what he believes is that there was a civilisation on the earth which was wiped out by the end of the first Ice Age in about 10,000 BC. He does a lot of work diving off the coast of Japan where he has found several man-made monuments which have been under several hundred feet of water for thousands of years. He also look sat how the three main pyramids at Giza line up with the stars on Orions belt, the only trouble being, thhey only do so in the year 10,500BC. SImilarly he is one of a group of people who has done research into how the Sphinx has water erosion on it, the sort you would get in many many years of continual rainfall, when it hasn't rained like that in Egypt since well before the pharoes.
It is all mad stuff really, but very interesting and he can be quite persuasive sometimes. Worth reading his books if that sort of thing interests you.
Re: Familiar Face by Rusted on 11 March 2003 7:34am
Heh! Thanks for the info, it does sound interesting, if not a little odd. ;O)

Re: Familiar Face by RichB on 11 March 2003 9:14pm
Mary, it's Graham Hanc-o-c-k we're talking about, not Graham Han, you know the censored words and everything, you replied to that thread you must remember.
Re: Familiar Face by Rusted on 12 March 2003 8:19am
LOL, yes, I realized it after I wrote my post on this thread. I didn't read the censored words thread until after this one. I had to laugh, but I was too lazy to come back and edit my message if the second half of the name wouldn't have appeared anyway. ;O)


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