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Creepy places you have been by montyfreak0234 on 5 March 2006 2:25am
i went on a long car trip with my family to a mosileium, among other places and i really got freaked out. right when i walked in it felt as if my hart was struggling to beat and i almost had to leave. i guess i have somewhat of a sixth sense about these things but i am sure a bunch of you dont belive in ghosts but i defenately felt a presance of some kind that disapeared immediatly after i walked out.
Re: Creepy places you have been by tucsonmike on 5 March 2006 4:07am
That's easy. It is January, 1973. It is 7 degrees Farenheit. It is twilight in South Bronx. (Cori ya wid me)? ;-) I am an hour away on the Subway from Brooklyn. Why am I in the South Bronx at twilight? Because gallant but stupid me, decides to escort a young lady home.
My father his cousins grew up further North in the Bronx. The place I am was a bad neighborhood in the 1930's and 40's. It is off the Intervale Avenue and 163rd Street stop on the White Plains El Line. So this is before more of the Bronx started to burn. (Refer to Around the World in 80 Days when Mr. P describes the arrival in New York City on the train the Lake Shore Limited). Well, it is 4:30 PM and I am bundled up in the shadow of the tenements. The shadows are spooky and I can make out dark figures huddled in the doorways, some shooting up, most with glassy eyes. If this were summer, the streets would be crowded. Before I start to go upstairs to the train, I hear a voice.
"Yo white boy, you best be gittin out of this neighborhood. I ignored him and I am scared. I am armed with a gravity knife but am betting and hoping I don't have to use it.

I get to the token booth and the turnstiles and I am greeted by a Transit Cop with a beefy Irish face. "Come here," he barks. "What'samatta with ya? What are ya doin here." I mumble something about taking a girl home. "Do your parents know your datin' a spook?"
"Who said anything about dating anyone."
"Where do ya live kid."
"Brooklyn, officer. I'm goin home now."
"See that you do."

I was never so happy to get in a train in my life. I walked in, my apartment, cool as can be.
"Where the hell were you?" he barked.
"The Bronx."
"Cause I took a girl home."
"Where does said girl live?"
"163rd and Intervale."

My fathers eyes went wide like saucers. He now knows without having to ask the young lady I escorted home is not white. That's when he chose to tell me about how dangerous that area was when HE was a kid. He decided not to punish me hoping the experience would scare me and it did.
South Bronx tenements, half of them burned out in the cold twilight was scary enough. Needless to say I didnt do it again.

For some idea, rent the Robert De Niro movie a Bronx Tale and the Bonfire of the Vanities.
Re: Creepy places you have been by sighthound on 5 March 2006 7:25am
I was studying weaving with a wily old Kurd named Baba at his studio in an old Victorian building in South Pasadena. I was finishing up a gift blanket for a rapidly approaching baby shower so Baba gave me a key so I could weave at night after work in order to finish on time. The first few nights, nothing out of the ordinary happened but, on subsequent nights I kept getting this weird feeling that I was being watched - sort of like, but much more intense than, that feeling you get when you're driving and then you glance over at the next car and discover that someone actually is watching you.

Then one night the feeling was especially intense so I got up to make a cup of tea to relax myself and, as I walked across the room, I walked into an icy cold spot in the middle of the room. Now this was August in LA when nothing is cold. I checked for drafts; there were none and the building had no air conditioning. I made my tea and walked back across the room and that spot was at normal temperature again. I sat down at my loom and then an icy cold enveloped me. I left in a hurry.

Safely at home, I convinced myself that I had just been working too hard lately and my over-taxed brain was playing tricks on me but I did mention to Baba that the studio was very cold the other night. He brightened and said "Oh, you've met the ghosts! They don't come out for just anyone; they must like you." He was surprised that I couldn't see them because he could.

On other nights when I was at the studio and would get that "watched" feeling, I'd say out loud "Good evening. Sorry to be invading your space but I have to finish this weaving and I don't mean to offend you but you do distract me" and then the feeling disappeared and I never ran into any more cold spots. If there were ghosts there, they were very polite.

The Northridge earthquake flattened the second story of that building onto the first and the building was torn down. There is now a crappy mini-mall on the spot. If there were ghosts there, I hope they have found a nice new place to inhabit as I doubt if they would feel comfortable in the new accomodations at that site.
Re: Creepy places you have been by Blairhoyle on 6 March 2006 11:44am
it was Amsterdam for me!!

once drove through the Bronx and i knew not to stop.

was at a stag don in Amsterdam and i decided to try the local smokes, then decided to get something to eat, before long i am lost, in the red light area and guys coming out of no where stopping me asking if i was wanting some hard drugs, and they wouldnt leave me alone, in my paranoid state, i ran and got even more lost. Saw a taxi, jumps in and says "hotel please" the irony is i couldnt remember the name of the hotel but eventually i saw the road it was based on. never been so paranoid in my life, but i put it down to the local tabacco :-)
Re: Creepy places you have been by arty_farty on 6 March 2006 11:59am
a cottage on the river Thames nearish Oxford. it had no lecky and the loo was outside. it was in a forest with this stately home/ hotel up the big slope. it was called Rose Cottage. It was cold and creepy plus you had to row across to it. i went there twice with sea rangers once at Samhain, once in summer.
Re: Creepy places you have been by kazzzz on 6 March 2006 12:17pm
The Dashwood family mausoleum in West Wycombe...spooooooky at night time ;)


(sorry its a bit long)
Re: Creepy places you have been by suzulu on 6 March 2006 4:09pm
The Old Guild Hall in Totnes, Devon, a well-preserved 16th century building. There is a table where Oliver Cromwell supposedly sat in 1646 and it has a creepy old jail. I was on holiday in Devon and decided to visit this place while my friend went shopping in Totnes. There was no-one else there and I was looking at some old relics in a glass case in one of the rooms. The caretaker of the building came into the room and asked me if I had seen the ghost. What ghost, I ask, with shivers running up and down my spine. The caretaker lived on the premises and had to enter that room that morning and saw a woman sitting in the one and only chair in the room. He said his hair stood up on end as this woman “shimmered” away. I didn’t know whether to believe him or not, probably just trying to impress the tourists but nevertheless I didn’t stay much longer in that room!

I believe that it still serves as a council chamber – I wonder if the councillors have seen the ghost!
Re: Creepy places you have been by pandab on 7 March 2006 4:11am
The Tower of London after dark ranks as #1 for me. I was there for the Ceremony of the Keys. I got there before anyone else in the group for that night's ceremony and had to wait quite a while. It was dark and cold and damp and wwwaaayyy too quiet. Let me tell you ... When it gets quiet at the Tower, it gets QUIET at the Tower. Nothing happened. No ghosts (darn it all). Just a pedestrian or two whose footsteps spooked the hell out of me <G>!

The other spooky site was Westminster Abbey. I got unbelievably lucky on my second visit there and got in first right at opening. The others behind me stopped for guidebooks and audio guides, but I didn't need them (already had my book) so I wandered right inside. Halfway down a side aisle, I realized I was seriously alone. It was quiet and dim and all those tomb carvings were casting eerie shadows. Like the Tower, the Abbey can be disturbingly quiet at times. Don't know what possessed me, but I closed my eyes and just stood for a moment. With so few people inside, all I heard was whispering and soft footsteps. My imagination kicked into overdrive and conjured images of all the spirits in the Abbey floating back to their resting places before the tourists caught them about. Gave me the chills!

Re: Creepy places you have been by arty_farty on 7 March 2006 12:02pm
has any one been to Hamton court?
Re: Creepy places you have been by onaught on 7 March 2006 6:04pm
St. Michan's Church, Dublin, Ireland. my parents brought me here when i was young,
Handel composed The Messiah on the church's organ,

but underneath in the church in the vaults are 4 well preserved mummies, something to do with the limestone,

a 400-year-old nun, a crusader and one body with its hands and feet severed.
you go down a narrow stairs,

fair creepy especially when your young, havent been back, i forget about it when i am back in dublin

worth a visit
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