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  The Chatter Box : Welcome and Introductions
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Hello from Oregon! by Wildblue on 31 March 2006 8:13pm
Hello I recently found this site and I find it facinating. I have to admit that I have not seen all of Micheal's travel show's. I don't watch T.V. and I'm not sure if they where on here in the States, at least not without satilite. I rented Pole to Pole at the local libarary, and it was great! Which series is concidered his best? I have tried several times at the Chat Room but no one ever seems to be there. Being in a completly different time zone I was worndering if there was a time when people where more likly to be there? There is nothing sadder than a man sitting alone in a chat room talking to himself.
Re: Hello from Oregon! by Spursfan on 31 March 2006 8:34pm
Welcome to the site, Wildblue!

I am from Stafford which in central England.

Best series could be debated long and hard, but personally I think that Around the World in 80 Days, his first series, was the best. It had the elements of a time limit, it had to be done with no air travel and of course it was the first one.

Not that I don't enjoy the others, of course!

Re: Hello from Oregon! by perfectbitch on 31 March 2006 9:25pm
Hello Wildblue. Well done for fimding us!! Welcome to the site. I agree with Anne about AWIED being the best but they all have their moments. Linz
Re: Hello from Oregon! by tucsonmike on 31 March 2006 10:50pm
Greetings from Arizona. At least we are similar time zones. I liked the following three best in the following order:
1. Himalaya
2. Around the World in 80 Days.
3. Pole to Pole.

I understand, I am watching TV less and less. When you are trying to build a business and working on three books you are interacting and not watching TV. Of course time out is taken with my friends here.
Again, welcome.

Re: Hello from Oregon! by peripatetically on 1 April 2006 1:26am
Hi WIldblue. Welcome! I'm Patty, from Maryland. From where do you hail????

All the travel series have been on American TV--- mostly on PBS or cable channels, which don't require satellite.
Re: Hello from Oregon! by suzulu on 1 April 2006 2:28am
Welcome to the site, Wildblue! Re. the Chat Room. There is no particular time that people are there. Sometimes I go into it and there is no-one. Two days ago there were 6 of us!
Re: Hello from Oregon! by sighthound on 1 April 2006 1:21pm
Hi, Wildblue and welcome! Where in Oregon are you? I used to have a farm outside of Ashland. I really miss it.

I'm sorta in the minority for liking "Sahara" best but then I always find deserts haunting.
Re: Hello from Oregon! by Wildblue on 1 April 2006 1:34pm
Hello sighthound. I'm from Merlin, which is right out side of Grantspass along the Rogue river. Here we view people from Ashland as almost as weird as people from California! E-GAD! A lot of actors there abouts you know and that park water tastes awfully funny!
Re: Hello from Oregon! by sighthound on 1 April 2006 11:12pm
I know Merlin. I always wanted to live in a town with that name. I spent a lot of time on the Rogue River.

Well, most of the people in Ashland are former Californians like me. We just get across the border and stop. There's a lot more big-city amenities other than just actors - there's great bookstores, excellent restaurants of every ethnic persuasion, good movies, galleries, etc. - quite amazing for a town of under 20,000. I'd love to move back but I couldn't afford it now as it's become as expensive as CA. (I was such an idiot to sell my farm there. (And, frankly, I think that, despite its "history", the Lithia water has ALWAYS been a joke to fool the tourists....)
Re: Hello from Oregon! by Wildblue on 2 April 2006 12:46pm
In Oregon our idea of illegal imagration revolves around those darn Californians. We're thinking of building a fence! Humoursly the ones that complain the loudest are generally ex-Californians who moved up here like five years ago. I find Ashland to actually be quite a quant place to visit, though living their might be a bit much. My first job was working at a reasterant there that served only quiche, no kidding, it turns out you can put most anything in a quiche. The owner was a neighbor of mine and used to give me a ride, she and her gray haired mother would giggle all the way there and back, it took me a few trips to recongnize the smell and realise they where higher then a kite. This formed my impression of Ashland, a grey haired grandmother, higher then a kite, on her way to make quiche.
P.s. the lithia water gag really only works on children, well can I remember my mother with camera in hand, saying to me, "go ahead take a sip, it's Gooood!" It's a form of child abuse you know.
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