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  The Chatter Box : Travel
What to Do? What to Do? by pandab on 7 April 2006 2:09am
Like JF in another topic, I need some help making up my mind.

I had planned to go to Paris this year, but what with one thing and another, I'm just not getting good travel vibes from France right now. Part of it is the continuing protests and riots, but a bigger part of it is ... well, weirder.

Every year I wait until May or June to decide. I use the time before to (this going to sound sooo strange <G>) sense which destination "calls" to me. Last year, for example, Japan was positively screaming at me. This year, I thought Paris was calling, but it has grown fainter and fainter. Call it diminishing interest or a bad aura or even indigestion. I can't explain it, but my travel vibe hasn't steered me wrong yet so I tend to go with it.

Last night, I was surfing travel groups on the web and found two trips that fairly leaped off the screen and grabbed me by the neck.

One is Spain. When in the Navy, I lived there for two years in the late 1980s, and I've always wanted to go back as a tourist. This trip includes a visit to Portugal and Tangier.

The second one is Greece. Also in the Navy, I went to Athens for a day-trip, but ... well, I was with a group of other sailors. Suffice to say, we didn't do much sightseeing. Bar-hopping is more like it. Anyway ... This trip is split between land and sea as part of it is an Aegean cruise to Rhodes and a couple places in Turkey. One of the excursions is to the ruins of Ephesus!

Both are similar in price, and both are taking turns strangling me. I'm leaning a bit toward Greece, but I can't decide. I need to come to decision pretty soon so I can start making financial arrangements. I'm fairly familiar with Spain (having lived there), but I know nothing about Greece.

Does anyone have any advice?

Re: What to Do? What to Do? by sighthound on 7 April 2006 4:41am
I'm way out of date for info but back in my student days as I was back-packing my way around Europe, I met my parents in Athens and we went on a cruise (with land tours) to Turkey (Istanbul, Izmir and the amazing Ephesus) and several Greek Islands - Crete, Rhodes, Santorini etc. and it was a wonderful trip - gave me a great overview of places to go back to when I have more time to spend. (Although, with what it cost for those two weeks, I could have traveled for 6 months - lol)

Arriving by ship in Istanbul at sunset was absolutely magic. Turkey was facinating and Rhodes and Crete wonderfully compelling. (I was reading my way through Kazantzakis at the time.) This was long enough ago that the Thera excavations on Santorini were not yet open to the public so I definitely have to go back there sometime. I probably have more vivid memories from that trip than any other. (Can I come with you if you go to Greece and Turkey? I'm looong overdue for going back....)
Re: What to Do? What to Do? by Babsy on 7 April 2006 10:41am
Greece would win it for me. I love Spain, especially Andalucia, but Greece has so much more to offer. It is the cradle of our culture after all!!!
Re: What to Do? What to Do? by perfectbitch on 7 April 2006 12:23pm
Greece has more ancient history to marvel at. I love Spain too but I think I would chose Greece. Linz
Re: What to Do? What to Do? by peripatetically on 7 April 2006 2:42pm
Greece, hands down. No contest in my opinion!
Re: What to Do? What to Do? by Pdrummy on 7 April 2006 3:50pm
I've been to Ephesus, and it is absloutly incredible. If you don't make it on this trip, make sure you go some other time!
Re: What to Do? What to Do? by pandab on 8 April 2006 3:27am
Thanks to everyone who answered!

I still need to do some research, but while Spain is still running along at a good pace, Greece is edging into the lead.

Babsy, so Andalusia is your favorite, huh? I was stationed with US Navy for 2 years at Rota. While Rota itself is nothing to get excited about (trust me on that <G>), the region is fascinating. If you aren't familiar with Rota, it is about a 30-minute bus trip from Jerez. Cadiz is near, too.

Unfortunately, I had a combination problem when I lived there that kept me from doing much sightseeing ... poverty and youthful stupidity. I was a lowly Seaman and made next to nothing pay-wise. And to make things worse, I was 21 to 23 while there. Far too young to really appreciate the golden opportunity I had. No, I was more preoccupied with drinking and acting like a idiot. I look back with amazement that I survived <G>!

Still, I did live off-base for a little over a year, so I was able to absorb something of life in Spain.

Sighthound, of course you can come. But we go dutch <G>. The trip includes a 3-day cruise, and I've never cruised before so it'll be a new experience. Heavens, I hope I don't get seasick! I was attracted to the trip because it offered that combination, and since I've never cruised before, I thought a 3-day version would be better to try to start with.

Ack! If I go cruising, that means I should get a swimsuit! And that means I need to lose some weight! Or at least try to tone up some ... ahem, problem areas.

The trip begins and ends in Athens, and I'm thinking of tacking on 1 or 2 days on my own there. Tours can be pretty fast-paced, and I know there will be places in Athens I'll want to take more time with.

Re: What to Do? What to Do? by sighthound on 8 April 2006 3:48am
I'll start saving my pennies, pandab <vbg>

It you take some extra time on the mainland, Delphi is facinating. And it also near the Sea of Corinth.
Re: What to Do? What to Do? by pandab on 9 April 2006 4:10am
Sighthound - If I'm not mistaken, I believe Delphi is one of the scheduled stops. Just checked. Yep, it is. In fact, it looks like most of a whole day is spent there.

The trip looks like it hits several interesting places ... Athens, Delphi, Patras, Olympia, Mycenae, Nauplia, Epidaurus, Piraeus, Mykonos, Rhodes, Patmos, Kusadasi, Ephesus and back to Athens.

I've taken trips like this before, so the pace doesn't worry me much ... though I admit the early mornings can be a drag <G>.

I got a Greek phrase book, and considering my utter lack of linguistic talent, I believe more than the basic grasp of the language is going to be beyond me. I'll concentrate on the "courtesy phrases" first ... please, thank you, hello, goodbye and so on. Sheesh, Japanese was easier than Greek looks!

Still researching, though. Spain is falling further and further behind, but I'll wait another few days to make sure my travel vibes from Greece are true and not just a spurt of momentary interest <G>.

Re: What to Do? What to Do? by sighthound on 10 April 2006 4:05am
That sounds like a marvelous trip, pandab! I am SO envious.

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