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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Is free book good idea? by jay on 8 March 2003 5:20pm
I recently bought Michael's book Sahara. Then found the entire book could be read free on the website, including all the pictures. Anyone else feel a little cheezed off at spending £15 on something only to find the content is free on the site??? Or is it really a good idea and I'm missing the point... comments please...
Re: Is free book good idea? by Helen on 8 March 2003 5:23pm
A website can't be signed, read on a train, or have dog eared coffee stained pages...
Nothing is a substitute for a book.
The website is a nice extra touch. That's what I think, anyway....
Find yourself a booksigning, and have the man sign the book for you. You will cherish it!
Re: Is free book good idea? by emartin on 8 March 2003 11:00pm
i agree with helen! nothing replaces a good book. i love having them on the site, but i still want to read the ones i have missed because the experience is a totally different one. At least this way, even though i can't afford the book right now, i can still read it! Then when i have the money i can get the book. I would rather read a book that i can hold in my hand, than one that i have to have wires connected to it.
and yes, the fact that it can be signed is a great incentive!
Re: Is free book good idea? by Rusted on 9 March 2003 6:29am
It's all about the feel of the pages under your fingertips, the crystal clarity of the pictures before you, curling up in your room with a Michael book craddled in your arms...

Re: Is free book good idea? by Tracy on 9 March 2003 10:48am
i have to agree...theres nothing like a real book! you can read it anytime, anywhere, its like a carry along friend!
Re: Is free book good idea? by sleepydumpling on 9 March 2003 12:20pm
I personally think that it is FANTASTIC that Michael offers his books to be read for free on his website. Cheesed off - no - how many others would offer such a fabulous service? Not everyone can afford to buy the books or reach a library.

But! As for paying for the books - well when you buy a book a little bit of that money goes to the author and says "Thank you for what you do!"

And then you get a gorgeous book (oh I love new books!) to read, show your friends, re-read and love forever. If you're really lucky you take it, meet the author and he signs it for you. Makes it worth every cent for me.

But thank-you Michael - not many authors would put themselves in a position to lose sales by offering their books for free, for everyone on a website.

Re: Is free book good idea? by sillyosaurus steve on 9 March 2003 1:16pm
There is a signed Michael Palin book Sahara on www.ebay.co.uk but you better be quick because it has got less than 8 hours to go.In the search bar on the left side of the page put in 3503830816 and it is going for 14 pounds and 99 pence.
P.S. i will keep you up dated with the time every hour and the cost.
Re: Is free book good idea? by Diamond on 9 March 2003 2:22pm
thanks stevie
dont forget that ebay has postage and for heavy books that can be about £5
if you can buy the book unsigned perhaps in a book club - I did see it for sale for about £7 once! and then the next series of book signings you can meet mp and all the other palinites!!and get it signed personally

those books that appear for sale signed on e bay are from people who have bought the book specifically to sell on- and when I got sahara I only paid £10 for it -so by buying it on e bay you are supporting those who go to book signings purely to make a profit - bit of a double edged sword e bay, two ways of looking at it.

for those who are not on michaels flight path -so to speak- e bay is a great way of getting signed books - I bought Pole to Pole on ebay last year - wont tell you how much either!!- and from that learnt from the seller that Mp had signed it at a booksinging and that led me to realise that Mp would be signing sahara as well, al I had to do wsa find out where! - that led me to disocver- on google - that MP was going to Cambridge and the rest is history - here I am now part of a happy palinite family - so buying on e bay can lead to all sorts of good things happening in your life - as I said two ways of looking at it!

thanks for mentioning it stevie

Peace and meeting michael

Re: Is free book good idea? by nottlob on 10 March 2003 1:15am
I love the book! I don't have to keep scrolling up and down and get myself feeling dizzy and tired! Besides, if you're not sure that you want to buy the book, you can always read it first online or from the library and decide!
Re: Is free book good idea? by sleepydumpling on 10 March 2003 5:28am

I have a bit of a problem with people selling signed things on eBay. I feel that they're just ripping off the author or whatever. They don't go and get it signed because they like the person's work, they go get it signed to make money on eBay!

I'd rather a regular copy, and just hope that Michael crosses my path so that I can have him sign it for me and only me.

Just my thoughts!
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