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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
the fifth of november by livingstone on 8 April 2006 5:11am
ok,so-its been about six months since I last chatted-lots has happened-has anyone seen V for Vendetta?? Is it not the best movie out there lately??? Havent we all noticed how the news is fed to us as though we are only capable of discerning the most obvious-whilst the powers that be keep twisting our very futures in neverending wars and the powerful keep getting more powerful?
Re: the fifth of november by tucsonmike on 8 April 2006 7:28am
Dr. Livingstone, I presume.

Haven't seen V for Vendetta yet, but it looks good.

Fifth of November? You planning another Guy Fawkes Day? (I've been in England on Guy Fawkes Day. It is also my wife birthday. That must say something about us. My birthday is Pearl Harbor Day).

As for the news, Lexington's column in this weeks Economist was about all our talk shows and how angry folks sound. Yet, (I don't know about other nations) when Americans are polled 80% came out as at least somewhat happy. In other words, where is the angst? Even if we feel we shouldn't be in Iraq, we aren't driven enough to get us out if that makes sense. It isn't like Vietnam, where massive protests got us out of there.

I was just speaking with my friend and former boss about that. She has her pulse on how government works here. Everyone talks about the nastiness in Congress and on the talk shows. I asked her if she thought we could have another Civil War. "Over what?," was her response. There is no issue the general population is passionate about. More and more in the U.S., people are elected by the major activists who tend to be on either end of the spectrum. The spirit of compromise is gone in the halls of Congress, but the everyday American isn't fazed. Lexington was right. Our talk shows don't really represent everyday life in the nation.

You ask about the powerful becoming more powerful. Again, I cannot speak for other nations. If you let it happen, it will. Then you come to my next question. What are y'all angry about and what do you propose to do about it in a constructive and civil manner?

Re: the fifth of november by perfectbitch on 8 April 2006 10:07am
Because we are fed such sanitised reports from Iraq with little film of the horror or the body bags returning, people do not feel an emotional impact and so are not moved to protest. I think many people in western societies feel powerless over such matters and this invokes anger and frustration which are partially relieved by such things as violent computer games, alcohol and other forms of "escape" such as fervent religion and tv.

In Europe, there is quite a lot of protest compared to the states. Condi Rice had a bad time here with protestors and the denial of access to a mosque. I am not surprised at the mosque thing - no women are allowed in mosques but there have been big protests recently in Germany and less recently in France. These protests were largely to do with economic matters but at least they got off their bums.

Re: the fifth of november by sighthound on 8 April 2006 10:56am
My thanks to all who protested Condi's UK visit.

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