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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Immigration Policy Protests. by tucsonmike on 12 April 2006 2:49am
All across the United States, we have had protests against changing immigration laws. Yesterday in Tucson we had one in which six people were arrested. It started when a border vigilante group burned a Mexican flag. The protest was peaceful until that point. 19% of the city's schoolkids cut class. I hope this doesn't escalate.
Re: Immigration Policy Protests. by peripatetically on 12 April 2006 2:06pm
Oh, it's going to escalate alright, Mike. Things are getting worse and worse. I'd just like to say that, since when do illegal immigrants think they can set the policy and laws to suit themselves? And since when do illegals "have rights"to everything they say they do. No No NO. Duh!

This is such a burning issue right now. I'm not afraid to express this point of view or appearing cold and ehartless to unfortuantes. But the country is bursting at the seams with a problem that is continuing to grow by elaps and bounds on a daily basis.

Seal the borders and deport. it's not that big a deal. The logistics aren't as hard as people think. I bet every American can find illegals in his or her neighborhhod and surrounding areas on a daily basis. Saying "we don't know where they are" is absurd. If employers would simply do a thorough background check before hiring and they be denied driving licenses and healthcare, the problems would perhaps end to a great extent. Ok, so they rake leaves and do menial work which many Ameicnas aren't willing to do. What's a few extra leaves on somebody's lawn? Does that mean it's doomsday for the USA? If they would go home and apply legally and come in through the right channels like all of Americans have done for over 200 years, we would be glad to accept them and their skills with open arms.
Every USA citizen is paying for thier existence here and it is depleting our wallets and systems.

Amnesty for those here illegally is something most Americans are against, according to the recent polls, letters being written, poeple speaking out. Congress has recessed for the next couple of weeks. Their constituents ought to bend their ears all the way back when they return to their hometowns and states. If they know what's good for them and want to be reelected, this is the time to listen to the vast majority.

Oh, and another thing.... why are the illegals waving Mexican flags instead of American flags? Doesn't make a bit of sense.

There are probably others here who completely disagree with my point of view, but I don't know a soul personally who disagrees. I'm not saying deportation is easily accomplished, but if these people were terrorists and known to be definite threats to the exisitence of the USA, there'd be a sweep to be rid of them.

Well, I guess I sound racist, or something, but I am expressing the opinions of the majority of Americans in one form or another. Whether they admit to it or not. Not other nation has the right to make our laws or tell us what we ought to be doing in this instance.

If the government fails the USA on this, well, Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.................. My blood pressure is up!

Seal the borders first, deny healthcare and driver's licenses. That is paramount. Then work on deportation. Sounds harsh, but it's fair to all who have preceded them lawfully and for those who wish to come legally in the future.
Re: Immigration Policy Protests. by Ellerd on 13 April 2006 1:30am
Patty, isn't deportation just a band-aid solution? Send 'em back to Mexico or El Salvador or wherever and they'll just try to come back again. Seal the border and they'll find other means - America does have a lengthy coastline. Shouldn't we, as wealthy, industrialised nations, help tackle the problems that prompt people to risk everything to seek a better life in these countries? We could start by relaxing some of the debts we impose third-world countries.

As an Australian, I do know what you guys are going through. Since the Vietnam War, we've had boatloads of asylum seekers rock up on our shores. In August 2001, we had the notorious Tampa incident, when a Norwegian freighter rescued 400 asylum seekers from a sinking boat only to be refused entry into Australian waters (that made us popular...) Most recently, a group of Papuan refugees landed in Australia wanting asylum, claiming they were being persecuted by Indonesia. We granted it, which didn't impress the Indonesians to the extent they recalled their ambassador to Canberra.
Re: Immigration Policy Protests. by pandab on 13 April 2006 3:21am
I can see both sides of the issue. On one hand, entering the US illegally is ... well, illegal. On the other hand, most illegal immigrants are decent, hard-working people who don't deserve the label of "felon".

Having said that, I come down more with Peripatetically position.

Like any other nation, the US has a right to maintain its borders and control the numbers entering. Unless they are here legally, I don't believe immigrants have the right to determine national policy. Nor do I believe other nations have license to "force" the US to take their nationals because they can't provide for them.

Provided we could enforce it, I think a guest-worker program makes sense. And you have NO idea how much it pains me to agree with Bush <G>. Problem is, I'm not convinced we could adequately enforce such a program. Immigration and Customs are already stretched to their limits. Still, a guest-worker program makes more sense to me than just slamming the door shut.

Those who still enter illegally should be deported. I do not, however, believe they should made felons or that entering once or twice illegally should stop them from receiving the okay to enter legally as guest-worker or future citizen.

Ellerd makes a good point. Illegal immigration is a fact of life. The best we can hope for is to keep it down to a dull roar. We need to help other nations find ways to improve their standards of living so the need to enter illegally is not so pressing. How to do that is beyond me, not being well-informed of such things.

The demonstrations disturb me. Not that I object to people stating their opinions, you understand. Three things bother me about them.

One, if the goal of those protesting is to share in the American dream, why are so many flags from other countries being waved? Being proud of one's heritage is a fine thing, but if your point is you want to become American, waving another flag seems counter-productive. Not to mention, insulting.

Two, another thing that bothers me is this sense of entitlement I get from the protesters. Sorry, but no one is entitled to enter our country illegally. Just because an immigrant managed to get in illegally doesn't mean they have presented the country with a fait accompli (i.e. well, you're here already, so go ahead and stay).

The third thing that bothers me is the potential for violence. TucsonMike's news about the Mexican flag-burning is just the sort of thing I dread. If I disapprove of some protesters waving other flags, I also disapprove of other protesters burning or defacing those other flags. It reminds me too much of watching American flag-burnings in other countries, and though I know it is naive of me, I like to believe Americans wouldn't sink to that sort of inflamatory nonsense. I've been proven wrong about that time and again, but it is a fantasy in which I persist in hoping.

What the solution is, I don't know, but there must be an area of compromise somewhere or other. We need to find it and implement it as best we can.

Anyway ... That's my two-cents worth.

Re: Immigration Policy Protests. by pollyanna199 on 13 April 2006 6:20am
There have been some very interesting views posted so far, and I wanted to add my two cents worth, as another who lives in Arizona. I work with families, 90% of the families are Hispanic. I suspect most of them are here illegaly. On one hand I know these families personally, and like the people above I do not feel they are criminals. However, they are receiving our therapy for their children, paid for by the state. I am not exactly sure what should be done, but I do not think that deportation is the answer.
Re: Immigration Policy Protests. by montyfreak0234 on 13 April 2006 10:59am
At the Smithsonian they had an exibit (some of it was a bit vreepy becuase they had a KKK uniform) and had a button that said "Who are you calling immigrant Pilgrim" I thought it was pretty clever.
Re: Immigration Policy Protests. by peripatetically on 13 April 2006 1:17pm
Deporatation is just a band-aid, yes, I agree. Sealing the borders must come first and is paramount, otherwise they'd be coming in faster than we'd be sending them home and no progress would be made. It might not be 100% effective, but it's a step in the right direction.

A guest program would be my last option, but might be the only feasible solution. After that takes effect, only through legal channels would immigrants be allowed to enter.

I know these people have strong family ties and are hard workers, but that doesn't mean they can break the laws of the USA. I don't care what labels are being used to name them, their being here is wrong and needs correcting.
Re: Immigration Policy Protests. by DancingFool on 13 April 2006 2:27pm
peripatically the gov't has already failed us a long time ago. look who our president is. hes such a moron i cant stand it.
Re: Immigration Policy Protests. by peripatetically on 13 April 2006 3:11pm
The govt. is the problem alright!
Re: Immigration Policy Protests. by Clare on 13 April 2006 5:02pm
I think this isn't just a US issue it is a global one. Over here in Europe (I'm in the U.K.) we have just the same problems and issues with people arriving from Africa and Eastern Europe looking for work or Assylum. The problem is how 'Westernised' countries are viewed by people who a desperate for a better life. In their view what ever these countries have to offer has to be better than what they currently have. Why else would they risk everything and pack up their worldly goods to be pushed from pilar to post and scammed most of the way?
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