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  The Chatter Box : Travel
Where do I start?! by jelly_babies on 17 April 2006 1:31pm
Please help me!! I would love to travel in the future but I'm not sure where to go or who to approach.
I'm currently in my last year at High School and I've just been accepted to stay for sixth form. Because I'm so young(16) I can't travel on my own and people seem relluctant to help me.
I have some experience in travelling. I went to India in Febuary with friends and Egypt just before that. Both of these journeys really opened my eyes to 'the big wide world' as they say and inspired me to see more!
I hope to have a career in travel journalism, some day. But for now I was just wondering if anybody knew where I could start?!
Any help is greatly appreciated.
Thanks Nikki xxx
Re: Where do I start?! by tucsonmike on 17 April 2006 2:27pm
Start by writing up your experiences in Egypt and India. Find a youth magazine and send it in to that, so you can work on getting your first publishing credits.

When you are 18, start traveling when and where you can. People may be reluctant to help you now, because they don't want to think they are aiding and abetting someone who is underage and wants to run away from home. Just my guess. Carefully write up you experiences. Since I am a writer, I would be willing to look at them.
Re: Where do I start?! by sighthound on 17 April 2006 7:55pm
Nikki, be sure check out travel programs done through schools or other educational programs. I'm sure that some people here can provide you with good links. (There was one just the other day either here or in the chat room - sorry, I didn't save it.) You'll have to wait a couple of years before you can set out on your own, but there are a lot of possibilities for those two long years.

Mike is right, work on your writing and getting it out there. You may luck into a publication that will want to send you to cover some youth event somewhere.

Good luck! You'll never regret it. (And already been to Egypt and India by age 16, you're doing good, girl!)
Where are you from anyway?

Re: Where do I start?! by pandab on 18 April 2006 1:36am
Nikki, I am SO jealous! You're less than half my age, and you've already been to two places I would love to go. Plus, from your post, you sound like a mature young woman who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to pursue it. Hmph ... When I was 16, my main goal was conning my mother into letting me drive, and as for career aspirations, get real!

Mike's advice is solid, but then his advice usually is <G>. I do have something to add, though.

You might consider starting a blog on your travel experiences. No money in that, but it could be good practice at writing for an audience. I imagine you can advertise your blog in a number of ways. Those more knowledgable than I am about that can pitch in ideas, but what about your school newspaper (if it has one)? My local newspaper has a section on their web site listing regularly updated blogs from their readers, and perhaps yours does, too.

As far as traveling itself goes, like Geraldine said, you can research youth groups and clubs. Several churches in my area organize trips, both local and overseas.

Unfortunately, you are still a bit young to go solo, but that won't last for long. Within a few years (don't know what is considered "of age" for your locale), you'll be bound only by your own ambition, and you'll be surprised at how fast that time will pass, especially if you start your planning and saving now.

Go for it! And the next you go to Egypt, can I come? Since you're obviously the more mature of the two of us, I promise to be good and do what you tell me!


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