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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Monty Python's Holy Grail Ale by peripatetically on 8 March 2003 9:45pm
For all you folks who love beer or are just plain interested, I have a little story for you.

My "lovebug" brought home a beer he found called "Monty Python's Holy Grail Ale". It's bottled in a dark brown glass bottle, embossed with hops and leaves located at the base of the neck of the bottle. The label is bright yellow and the ale is bottled by Black Sheep Brewery, in Masham, Yorkshire, England. The cap is black with "Black Sheep Brewery" written in script lettering. It's pretty cool. We have not seen it here until now. I'm sure you can ask your local liquor dealer if he can obtain some for you. Some states (USA) have restrictions, so they might not be able to import it.

We were very excited by the find for obvious reasons. However, "lovebug" collects beel labels from all over the world and has several albums of them already. Most of the beers he buys and actually drinks himself, but not all of them. When we travel, he tries to get a bottle and drink it, then soaks the bottle and removes the label to let it dry, good side down to make it flat. He also tries to save the smaller neck label and the rear label, but not necessarily. His collection is colorful and fun through which to browse. Sometimes, like I said, we can't get certain beers in our region, so he writes to breweries if he knows that a particular label interests him. Of course, he can't do that for all beers of which he hasn't a label. Time and expense doesn't allow that. But he has just loads of labels now. Every continent is represented and there are too many labels to count. We even had a bartender in Munich save us stuff at our hotel the last time we were there and then we picked them up at check-out time.

Anyway, take a look in your liquor store to see if you see Holy Grail Ale. We have yet to open it to see how it tastes. I can tell you one thing ---it was expensive, even for an import!!

Does anybody know of this ale and have any other information about it?

The graphics could be by Terry Gilliam, but I can't back that up with fact. It's his style, though.

Re: Monty Python beer by peripatetically on 9 March 2003 2:48am
Re: Monty Python beer by raxpus on 9 March 2003 3:46am
I think I remember hearing about Holy Grail Ale before, but I'd forgotten about it until now. I'll have to remember it for my 21st birthday party later this year :-P

Let me know if it's any good!

Re: Monty Python beer by risible-phyll on 9 March 2003 1:55pm
Hic Hic up Patty I hear the beer is good for Typos I'm on my third bottle

love peace and one more for the road
Phyll xxxxx
Re: Monty Python beer by risible-phyll on 9 March 2003 10:55pm
Found info. for the "monty Python's Holy Grail Ale" log onto www.beeradvocatE.com then type in the afore mentioned ale . There's a review of the Ale,, sounds not to bad so Patty enjoy, thanks for sharing Larrys find with us ,no doubt the off licence liquor stores will have a rush on with Palintines .!! lol

Peace love and bottoms up

Re: Monty Python beer by peripatetically on 10 March 2003 2:36am
Thanks Phyll. This site is familiar to Larry. I've seen the home page many times when looking over his shoulder. He hasn't had time to use the computer lately to scan the site. I wonder why???lol

Re: Monty Python's Holy Grail Ale by ellenpc on 10 March 2003 2:30pm
Hiya Patty, Phyll and Robyn,

I'm holding, I kid you not(!) a bottle of 'Monty Python's Holy Grail Ail/ale' in my left hand, whilst my right makes a lot of typpos!! :^}

It was a light, in colour and substance beer, with a 'hoppy' aftertaste (you know, the hops) and according to the label was "Tempered over burning witches"!?

In this age of aggressive marketing and alternative fuel sources, one can only take their word for it!

The brewery's, The Black Sheep Brewery Yorkshire, website is


Agreed Patty, it certainly wasn't cheep and cost three times as much as my usual Guinness!!
But as a true Python/Palinite I felt I should partake, especially as Michael had been served a bottle when he appeared as a guest on our local show here in Christchurch "The Knackered Chef", (The Naked Chef, get it!??)
Michael said on the show that when he first came across the beer, he wasn't too keen to drink it, so he got his kids to try it first!! :^}

Personally, if it wasn't for the Python connection I wouldn't buy it again, as I found it a bit watery in flavour. That's just me though, so do all try it and let us know what you all think.

Ellen x
Re: Monty Python's Holy Grail Ale by peripatetically on 10 March 2003 2:58pm
Ellen: Our bottle is still on ice. We were so busy this weekend that we didn't have time to do much of anything but work around the estate!! Thanks for the critique of the brew. Can't wait to taste it! Sometimes these novelty beers are not the best, but I wouldn't pass up trying this one! My honey bun is considered a bit of a conniseur on beers so I'll be very anxious to hear his opinion too. He prefers dark beers but likes 'some' others as well.

Re: Monty Python's Holy Grail Ale by peripatetically on 23 March 2003 2:56am
Since starting this thread, our Holy Grail has been sitting on ice until just 10 miutes ago. It's not bad , actually. I love the label.

Re: Monty Python's Holy Grail Ale by gumby on 23 March 2003 7:35am
I did some investigating, and Black Sheep ale is imported in the US by Eurobubblies, they distributors all over the US. I am going to contact the one in the Seattle area to see if I can get some. The people from Black Sheep Brewery where very nice with thier reply of my email inquiring about Grail Ale. Just thought I'd pass this along...Cheers!
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