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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Spirituality by trigo on 18 April 2006 4:01pm
Dear Chatters,
I wonder if Michael would do a travel documentary on "spirituality" around the world, I am not talking about religions, I am talking about super natural phenomenon such as depicted in the documentary by the Blairs brother the "ring of fire" saga East of Krakatoa, where the named man "dynamo jack" started a fire with his hand? would it be great to have such journey by Michael Palin? After all it seems the world is having tendency to go towards beyond the human dimention as the demand by alot of people seems to be increasing, as you can see the movie industry also going toward that direction, 6th sense the Others , etc., WHY not to have a real story on this?? not hollywood style fabrication.
Re: Spirituality by Helen on 18 April 2006 4:19pm
That sounds wonderful-- great idea.
Re: Spirituality by canaveralgumby on 18 April 2006 7:07pm
I think he'd be a fantastic host for such a show. I believe he would neither promote nor debunk any ideas, he would just present them with respect for everyone and leave it to the viewer to decide.
Re: Spirituality by Chris14 on 18 April 2006 8:33pm
I agree with Helen: great idea. I'm not religious at all, but I'm interested in spiritual things.

Re: Spirituality by tucsonmike on 19 April 2006 2:27am
At first, I wasn't going to respond. I wasn't sure about this but after reading other responses, he would be a good host for such a show. Low key and presenting the story in a humorous way.

Re: Spirituality by Wildblue on 19 April 2006 7:33am
Is anyone here familar with James "The Amazing" Randi? He's a retired magician who has dedicated his life to exposing fraudulent paranormal claims. He even has a one million dollar challenge that can be collected by anyone who proves a paranormal claim under scientific conditions. I don't agree with everything he says but he has a very interesting site at www.randi.org/ I've always wanted to see a show where he investigates paranomal claims, but he's getting pretty old and after decades of dealing with frauds of all types he can be a bit abrupt and dismissive to claimants. Michael would probably make a more even handed host, and maybe he could consult with Mr. Randi on ways to make sure he does not get fooled. It would make a good show!
Re: Spirituality by trigo on 19 April 2006 12:53pm
I am delighted with the responses. Wildblue I am not disagreeing with your input on randi, I have seen his show when he was trying to seized up if an eastern europen girl was really a paranormal. My posting this idea is not to proof anything. Just a show which I think it would be great with Mr. Palin. All his shows are about people living and so on. not to proof nor to decide what is in it. Its about US! all of us living on this planet and some of us cannot travel much for many reasons and circumstances, Michael Palin took us there. I have circle the world, lived from Indonesia, Bali to Pasadena California as a student at caltech and in South africa, etc. now in the UK. I have seen enough paranormal when I grew up in Java, and other places. Michael did went to see the doctor in the Philipine in his travel. And I think as I quote Helen "Its a great idea". But still Palin's travels, documentaries open my mind and head. Thats what I mean, there is never enough information on anything, and if someone would be able to do it would be the King himself. So Michael Palin Sir, will you do it thats the question. And if he needs a guide there I can be, he...he, I speak the languages, bahasa and javanese balinese and so on. I think he shoud be knighted soon before the queen left us dont you think?
Re: Spirituality by tucsonmike on 19 April 2006 2:40pm
I'm familiar with James Randi and have seen some of the shows he has done.
Re: Spirituality by canaveralgumby on 19 April 2006 5:18pm
I used to see James Randi every so often in my former local paper, the Ft. Lauderdale News. He lives in Broward Cty., Florida, and used to teach at the community college.

His most passionate "crusade" of late is Jon Edwards! I like him a lot, but totally agree with Wildblue's assessment of him. He used to have a bit more humor. But I totally appreciate the work he does.

I don't know, however, that he is against people's sprituality per se. He's more about trying to take power away from fraudulent parties who want your money, like "Miss Cleo."


Who will be knighted first, trigo? Cleese or Palin? Should we start a pool? :^)
Re: Spirituality by trigo on 20 April 2006 8:27am
Canaveral, think Mr. Palin should be knighted first! can do the poll among us, just for fun guys???
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